Godzilla 1998: a successful flop


Hard to believe it's been just over 15 years since Godzilla was re-imagined in Hollywood, but the anniversary came and went just the other week.  A friend clued me in to a great article by Scott Mendelson over at Forbes.com, examining just why this financial success is considered such a box office bomb.

Yes, despite earning a near-record $74 million over the Memorial Day holiday, the critically-trashed Godzilla was declared a summer loser mostly because it didn’t actually break any records during its much-anticipated opening weekend. 15 years later, its a strange blockbuster case study.  With the numbers it had in 1998, especially when adjusted for inflation, Godzilla would be a hit by today’s standards.

It's an interesting read regarless of how you feel about Emmerich and Devlin’s Godzilla or Zilla, these days.  At the very least, it certainly clarifies a few numbers.  I thought the budget was much higher than $130 million!

Source: Forbes