IGN's Gareth Edwards interview

Gareth Edwards made it to IGN's live coverage of Comic-Con for a little interview.  IGN has yet to post the video or audio, but at least someone was ready to capture it from their stream.

Soundcloud user, VJelectro nabbed the whole thing and posted it for us over here.

You can also download an mp3 of the interview, here (right-click and "Save as").  It's about 19 minutes, so grab a drink.  It's an interesting interview and has me even more excited for tomorrow's panel!

Among some of the things gleamed from this interview is that this may be the tallest Godzilla, but in the same way they add an antenna to a skyscraper and call it the tallest.  So he may be only a bit over 100 meters.

Overall, Edwards was very coy throughout, but he reluctantly hinted at other kaiju appearing alongside Godzilla and sequels.  Well, he said that they worked to make this film the best they could, but he would love to work in this universe a little more.

You should also expect to see some surprising personality in the character despite his position as a force of nature.  Edwards was shocked to be drawn to his face in the early special effects work being done.  Godzilla wrapped up shooting yesterday, July 18!  Plenty of work to be done for the May 16, 2014 release!

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I've also added some more images of the concept pieces on display at the Godzilla Encounter event which runs through Sunday.  Thank Dread Central for these photos by clicking over to their site.


Update: 2013.07.20 @ 8:17am EST

IGN has finally posted the vide interview.  You can watch it, here.

Source: SoundCloud, IGN & Dread Central