Legendary's Godzilla revealed by Brazilian fan?!

IMG 3125

Well here it is. A Brazilian fan snapped a photo during a licensing expo of a poster display in Brazil. While sources have not confirmed if this is legit, it does looks like the same Godzilla we saw at the San Diego Comic Con G-Encounter leaked footage.

To me, it will take some getting use to especially seeing how he seems very '98 like with his lower jaw and the top of his head. I like the top fins resembling the Kiryu-Goji's and the eyes from the Heisei Godzilla. Are those gills on his neck?? Guess it's acceptable for now but I'll need the full reveal for a final judgement. What do you think of this design? Love it? Hate it? Think this is a fake? Share your comments below! 

Source: Kaijucast Facebook page