First official 'Godzilla' trailer coming, soon

godzilla - trailer 1 - rating

There have been a lot of rumors, leaks, and outright BS associated with the release of Legendary's Godzilla trailer, but it looks like we may finally be getting it, sometime this month.  The Alberta Film Classification group is essentially Canada's MPAA, albeit with a beter sense of humor.

Anyway, they recently posted a PG rating for "Godzilla (trailer#1)."  Woohoo!

Ratings usually pop up one to two weeks before their release, lending credence to those Hobbit rumors.

So we may see this trailer attached to the December 13 release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, or even sooner, online.  The earliest release of the film is the tenth in Norway.

The length of the trailer is 2:25, so it's more likely to be the second trailer that leaked, instead of that 90-second SDCC demo real that was also leaked.

Just a little longer, folks!

Source: Alberta Film Ratings