Japan gets 2 teaser trailers with an extra scene of Ken Watanabe plus Japanese version of the poster

ken watanabe g2014

551419 10202127126713677 445074078 nTitle says it all, Japan always gets the good stuff. On the official Japanese website of Godzilla 2014 shows two teaser trailers. One of the trailers cuts out the Halo jump footage and includes more footage from the Comic Con teaser plus an extra shot of Ken Watanabe. The second trailer is near identical to the US one except it has the extra scene of Ken Watanabe plus some Japanese text saying "The world ends", and then something abotu the god of death. (Sorry my Kanji is bad, maybe someone can translate the last 3 characters?)", and then a voice over in the end saying "Gojira".  The poster says "The World Ends" on the right, and "Godzilla rises" on the left. 

toho logo g2014end of the world g2014death god g2014

Source: http://www.godzilla-movie.jp/
Screenshots by: GForever