Breathing Life into Godzilla, 2014

Monster Island News has a very nice article up about bringing the new Godzilla to life.  The headline wans of spoilers, but unless you didn't know that Godzilla was attacking San Francisco, you're in the clear.  Did I just spoil it for you?  Oops...


There's a bit of news that we haven't discussed, like G's new height of 355 feet or how Andy Serkis was consulted for the project.  I particularly liked the bit about Godzilla's character being something like "the last samurai."

A lone, ancient warrior that would prefer to not be part of the world if he could, but events force him to resurface.

Give it a read, as it quotes many of the other folks under Edwards's direction that did the heavy lifting in bringing us the biggest Godzilla, ever.

Source: Monster Island News