Bandai making Godzilla game with SHMA scans

shm godzilla header

According to the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, Bandai is using 3D scanners on their SHMA figure line as the base for models in an upcoming game.  It seems that the Godzilla game will be a fighter on the PS3 with special effects to make it look like battling models... ?  Maybe?  I'm guessing some sort of tilt-shift look or something.

The game is set to release this winter in Japan, as it's only about 40% complete at the moment.

Wait!  Here's the best news: we don't need to worry about it getting a North American publisher.  The PS3 is region-free!  Kinda... mostly.

This issue of Famitsu hits Japanese shelves on August 10 and might include a screenshot or some artwork.