Legendary buys marketing firm, FIVE33

FIVE33 is not a name we throw around a lot, but we have seen their work in the past... a lot!  They helped to make the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels into practically worldwide events and have also been working on promos for Oblivion and JJ Abrams's latest film, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Two things come to mind, here.  First, does this indicate which way Legendary is leaning in its recent attempts to repair ties with Warner Brothers?  Second is this little tidbit:

FIVE33 already is developing promos for “Pacific Rim” and “Godzilla,” which will be shown off at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

With Comic-Con set for July 18-21, it's really got me hoping for a Godzilla teaser trailer attached to Pacifc Rim.  At the very least, maybe we'll have something actually released online, this time?!

Source: Variety