Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration Kickstarter

Sometimes we get you the news, early.  Sometimes, we're late.  We will not discuss HOW late.  Let's just leave it at late.

This one is a bit late.  You know that Ifukube fella?  That guy that made the music that want to keep on repeat all the time?  Yeah!  Let's all back a concert dedicated to his music!

With only nine days and $6,500 to go, we might just be able to put on a concert in time for this great man's 100th birthday and Godzilla's 60th!  I can remember being dragged to the orchestra over and over on field trips as a kid.  I always hoped they would play some Godzilla music.  Time and time, again, it was a Star Wars finale.  Well, let's try and change that for a few lucky individuals.  Let's all pitch in and put on the concert we've always wanted!

Please pledge, today!

Source: Kickstarter