X-Plus Kumonga coming to scare your sister

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We all knew it was coming.  I'm really surprised it took this long!  X-Plus posted a bunch of teaser images for their upcoming Summer releases.  No word on the scale, but it looks like the exclusive version of Kumonga will come with a base.

Also shown were more shots of King Caesar with web-only alternate ears and the statue.  No word on whether or not that's an exclusive piece.  Another Baragon... really?  Alternate ears again.  Looks like this is only an online piece, being a reissue of their older 30cm Baragon, but with different ears?  We're also getting another Kiryu.  I think this is a 20cm version.  Hopefully it will come with the pack.

Oh!  And Viras and Guilon are on the way!  That's a lot of stuff.  Looking forward to more images.  You can check out their post for more pictures or hit the gallery after the jump.

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