X-Plus Kumonga and King Caesar revealed!

FIGURE-000385 07

Here they are!  The long-awaited Kumonga and King Caesar from X-Plus were finally revealed by... retailers?!

Yes.  X-Plus skipped Tritter, Facebook, their blog, and even their own store by letting retailers like HobbySearch and AmiAmi show off the final versions of their July releases.

Kumonga's base isn't a web exclusive, as I'd previously mentioned, but supports the body in all versions.  Looking at its shape, I think you're stuck with it under Kumonga's cephalothorax, but it's not attached.  This figure is massive, with a 50cm leg-span!  So you'll want to use that base all the time.

FIGURE-000386 08

King Caesar... looks... great?  I really am excited about this figure, but this is really my fouth picture choice.  He just looks funny from so many angles.  And the seams on his head did not turn out well.  Also, remember that the exclusive version comes with alternate ears and the Shisa statue.

You can currently pre-order these from AmiAmi and HobbySearch.  At the moment, HS is cheaper by an ever so small margin, so take your pic.  Maybe it's time to use up some of your points!

Gallery after the jump.  Images are from AmiAmi.


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