UPDATED w/ Colored photos: Can Final Wars Gigan get any more love?

gigan2004 30 01

gigan2004 30 03With Tamashii announcing their new Final Wars Gigan yesterday, X-Plus could not hold back and released first shots at their upcoming 30cm Final Wars Gigan. Will it be in scale with the 30cm Final Wars Godzilla this time around? Will the Ric Boy version contain his Chainsaw accessories & upgraded head and perhaps light up eyes? Would be cool if his saw chest moved too but yea I'm asking too much... Stay tuned for more to come.

And X-Plus has taken a page from Bandai's book and will be releasing their amazing Godzilla 2003 figure as a ric boy exclusive with light up fins. This is one of my favorite figures and perfectly resembles that Godzilla from Tokyo SOS. Be sure to pick it up if you missed it the first time around.

More photos after the jump.

gigan2004 30 04gigan2004 30 05gigan2004 30 07gigan2004 30 08
gigan2004 30 02gigan2004 30 06
godzilla2003 lu 01godzilla2003 lu 02godzilla2003 lu 03

Source: X-Plus Japan2