SHMA Godzilla 2000 gets an awesome display

More SHMA goodness from Toho Seesaa.  This time, it's photos and a video of the upcoming Godzilla 2000 in the S.H. MonsterArts line from Bandai-Tamashii Nations.  G2k got a holographic display, showing him being hit with missiles in front of a flaming city.  Expect Godzilla 2000, in January of 2014.

Hit the jump for the full gallery.  You can also download the video in 720p, here.


tss-g2k-disp 1tss-g2k-disp 4tss-g2k-disp 5tss-g2k-disp-holo 5tss-g2k-disp-holo 2tss-g2k-disp 2tss-g2k-disp 3tss-g2k-disp 8tss-g2k-disp-holo 6tss-g2k-disp 9tss-g2k-disp-holo 1tss-g2k-disp-holo 3tss-g2k-disp-holo 4tss-g2k-disp 7tss-g2k-disp 6