Atomic breath in G2014... probably


I think during Edwards' interview with IGN at SDCC, earlier this year, he all but said Godzilla would have his atomic breath.  The Tristar Zilla film sort of dug itself even deeper by simplying making an omage to the weapon, but it doesn't look like Legendary will make the same mistake.

Thanks to another toy description leak, we seem to have confirmed that the king will have his signature attack in 2014.

Godzilla 2014 Movie Deluxe Attack & Roar Action Figure Asst is an Urban Collector pre-order. With collector-level detailing, this large scale figure brings the new Godzilla to life as he blasts his powerful atomic breath and lets out his iconic roar! Figure measuresapproximately 10' tall, and features authentic sounds and 'atomic breath' action. Openbox packaging.

I was already leaning towards atomic breath being present, so this only reassures me.

So what's your bet?  Blue breath?  Red?  None?

Source: Cosmic Booknews