Lost Trendmasters commercials posted


Anyone with even a little history with me knows I have a special place in my heart for Trendmasters.  I just love them, especially the unreleased lines like Doom Island, Origins, and the Animated Series.

Well, thanks to another dedicated Trendmasters fan, Jonathan Shyman (Trendmasters on our boards), the commercials for these lines have now been uploaded to YouTube!  Check out the Godzilla Doom Island and Animated Series commercials, below.

Just look at that 90's CG!

Look at that!  You can see the battery pack used on Biollante!  This figure was especially made for the commercial.  The battery pack was to power the extra LEDs used to make her brighter.

These come from a promotional pack given to retailers by Trendmasters reps.  The pack included a DVD with commercials from their latest product lines.  Unfortunately, after the less-than-stellar sales of the 98 movie line, retailers not only skipped on wave two, but the animated figures as well, so they were never released.

It's unclear if the 10" Doom Island figures were ever officially released.  There are some reports of them being sold in American stores, but none of the packaged figures are properly marked and all share the same UPC code.  This, along with statements by former employees, points to these figures being test runs of the manufacturing and packaging process.

You can read more about Trendmasters and Doom Island on our forums, here.