Amazon hot cake: MonsterArts Biollante sold out? More MonsterArts FW Gigan pics!

Biollante war

After the release of the new Godzilla 2014 trailer, Godzilla news has calmed down. It appears that not only my Biollante pre-order became unavailable but so is Godzilla Artist Matt Frank's order. Did you guys get your Biollante in before Amazon sold out? Let's hope it's just a delay from getting Bio over to the states.

While we wait for Bio to be back in stock, enjoy this awesome piece of Bio-art above (sorry don't know who the artist is) and also some new photos of the upcoming MonsterArts Final Wars Gigan flying your way in 2014!

MArts FW flyingGigan
MArts FWGiganMArts FWPowerUpGigan