MonsterArts Mothra & Battra Larva & Custom Wolfman figure revealed

thumb Mothra Battra LarvaWhile we can't show the new Godzilla 2014 products, we have a few surprises for 2014!

ImportMonsters reveal a MonsterArts two pack for the 1992 Heisei Mothra Larva and Battra Larva. The photos look great and very neat that there will be a thread accessory. Hopefully Battra will get some energy beams and maybe they can throw in an Egg with cargo carrier or a Cocoon.

UPDATE: After clarification, it turns out the Godzilla'62 is a figure done by CCP but the Wolfman figure is a custom sculpt. (Another neat release comes to us from CCP which features the Wolfman and an incarnation of Godzilla based off of the King-Goji'62 suit from the fan film WolfMan Vs Godzilla.) These figures look great together! Too bad it won't be a real release. 

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WolfMan Source: Photos by Mark Jaramillo on FACEBOOK MONSTERLAND - a safe habitat for giant monsters.

MonsterArts Source: ImportMonsters