Preview of NECA, Diamond Products, and party supplies

As we get closer to March, more and more product reveals are surfacing. Check them out! 

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Diamond releases an assortment of banks, full size sculpts and half busts. Not sure if these banks will be useful as I'm sure G-Fans won't be putting much money in the banks but taking money out to keep up with the merchandise!  For the price of $25 - 30, that's a great deal for a nice sculpt. The King Ghidorah looks really cool and looking forward to seeing a full sized version. G'89 repainted as Burning G is not that great looking in my opinion and they have a Mecha-Godzilla'74 in the works as well as a bust version. 

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Lot's of G'14 merchandise! Pins, bags, keychains, Neca's G'94, and a censored preview of the 12" G'14.

Toy-Fair-2014-DST-Godzilla-007Godzilla1994 zps375891a4Mecha-Godzilla bottle cap opener! Who saw that coming? 

NECA's Godzilla 1994  thanks to Chris55 at Tohokingdom! 






Toy-Fair-2014-DST-Godzilla-009Here is something a little different, a cartoon block like figures. Nice to see Titanosaurus getting a figure representation! Looks like the first set will include Godzilla'64?, Mothra'64 imago, Gigan'72, and Titanosaurus. 


GODZILLA 2014 Party Supplies!! The new Godzilla logo and some G'14 art revealing more details of the front and side are floating around eBay. I'm sure as we get closer to the movie's release, you'll be able to find these at your local party shop! 


Source: Taiwan Kaiju Movies Union Facebook Group
Godzilla 2014 Mechandising Facebook Group
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