Bandai USA 2014 Toys - photo dump

A trip to the local Toys R Us turned up a few surprises.  We'll have a full write-up, soon, but for now, enjoy some close-up shots of Muto!

Muto - 2

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More from the Destruction City pack ($19.99).

Muto - 1Muto - 3Godzilla - 1Godzilla - MutoWhats going on


The Tail Strike Godzilla ($14.99).

Attack Strike Godzilla FrontAttack Strike Godzilla Back


The Smash Strike Godzilla ($14.99) is the same size as the Tail Strike, so look for them to be mixed together on the shelf.

Smash Strike Godzilla FrontSmash Strike Godzilla Back

The Atomic Roar Godzilla ($34.99), first leaked with that Pigzilla watermark.

Atomic Roar Godzilla FrontAtomic-Roar-Godzilla-head

We'll have more on these soon.  Remember that the street date on these figures is March 17th, so you may not see them just, yet.