Godzilla Awakening


On May 7, Legendary Comics will release an 80-page graphic novel depicting the events of Godzilla's awakening, decades before his reappearance in Gareth Edwards's upcoming film.

'In 1954, we awakened something...'


To pave the way for Godzilla's return to the big screen, Legendary Comics proudly presents the official graphic novel Godzilla: Awakening. Today, we are excited to reveal the King of the Monsters in all his glory, as we unveil the cover featuring exclusive artwork by acclaimed Godzilla artist Arthur Adams.


This 80-page story, set decades before the film, is co-written by Max Borenstein (screenwriter of the new Godzilla) and Greg Borenstein.


Godzilla: Awakening hits comic book stores May 7, 2014…
pre-order your copy today!

The hardcover will run you $15.47 as of posting, while the Kindle edition is $9.99.

Source: Legendary