Bandai USA 6.5" Godzilla 2014, SHMA Mecha-King Ghidorah, 24K Gold Godzilla, Toynami Shogun Godzilla'64, NECA Otachi and Godzilla'84 reveal plus Diamond Minimates update

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10540418 264281107103215 7013607775855937784 nBeen a little behind on the toy news but this year is quite the year to add to your collection. First up (possible leak), Bandai USA has a new Godzilla 2014 vinyl in the 6.5 series. My source mentions a mystery monster is in the works if approval goes through. *Cough Muto? cough * Release date is said to be September 2014. 

Not from my childhood but those from the 70s / 80s will re-live their childhood with Toynami's MosuGoji update on the classic Shogun Warriors Godzilla. It contains the shooting fists and I assume the tongue/fire effect. 

Mecha-King Ghidorah joins the S.H. MonsterArts line in February 2015 and he is looking spectacular! MKG is one of the last Heisei kaijus left in the Heisei universe. Will Rose Biollante, regular Rodan, Godzillasaurus, Baby Godzilla, and the Dorats see the day of light? Only time can tell but I'm ready for a SHMA Orga and Megaguirus.

Got 1.5 million to spare? Celebrating 60 years of Godzilla comes this 24K gold Godzilla. What an amazing piece. It appears to be the X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1989 figure however this has not been confirmed.

NECA reveals their Godzilla 1984, Scaler figure, and the packaging for Godzilla 1994. The packaging appears to be using the 1954 Bandai USA figure which is rather odd than using a photo of the original Godzilla. Now on to the 1984 Godzilla... what the heck happened!? Whoever at NECA and Toho who approved this sculpt should be fired.... It looks nothing like Godzilla... Such a disappointment on an highly anticipated release from fans. 

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However it looks like NECA redeems themselves with their new Otachi figure coming in November 2014. This figure nails all the details of the highly sought after Kaiju which for some reason did not get any figure or statue representation til now. NECA also an 18" Cherno Alpha, a new 18" Gypsy Danger with plasma cannon, non Battle Damage Knifehead, plus Jaegars and Kaijus from the opening sequence from the movie at SDCC.

Diamond also has added Jet Jaguar, Mecha Godzilla, and Hedorah to their Minimates box set. Looks like Godzilla gets a blue flame and is black instead of green. 


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