Godzilla's 61st Birthday, Shin-Godzilla 2016, Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020

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Today marks the 61st anniversary of the original Godzilla film as he step foot ashore to theaters and became a global icon. At the Godzilla hotel in Shinjuku, there are some celebrations going on to celebrate Godzilla's special day followed by movie screenings. The Heisei Godzilla promotional suit along with the Kiryu Goji (GXMG 2002 suit) Promotional suit, and the original Millenium Godzilla suit made appearances. From the limited amount of photos, some other Kaiju suits & props were on display. It also appears that the 1992 Mothra twins (Cosmos) stopped by to give Godzilla flowers.  Art by Shinji Nishikawa and Photos from Gomaru Island. 

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Other news: The new Japanese Godzilla movie for 2016 has begun filming and they are seeking lots of extras in Japan. The film will be titled Shin-Gojira. Shin has several meanings in Japanese. The Evagelion and Attack on Titan Live Action team chose to keep the title in Katakana instead of a Kanji characters to give it to the audience to decide the meaning of shin. To me, I feel it means new or revival.

Legendary has announced that Godzilla vs Kong will be the official title to their 2020 film. Who would have thought there will be a rematch between these 2 movie monsters. The only issue fans are seeing with this film is the size difference. Godzilla is around 300ft while Kong is 30ft. Legendary's new Kong will need to bumped up in size. 

Source: Legendary.com
Image credits to the artist, unknown.