PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING Hall of Heroes Contest Entry

Hey guys, just entered my video into the Pacific Rim Uprising Hall of Heroes. It is a ultra condensed mini biography about my passion for Kaiju and why I enjoyed Pacific Rim so much. In regards to how I came up with the video, the Drift Sequence, the idea somewhat came to be by accident. I had a lot of footage of my collection but it was too long to fit in a 2 minute video and was a bit shaky due to using my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone by hand. I downloaded HitFilm 2017 and quickly learned it on the fly on how to edit video files and add some compositing for some effects and transitions. Going back to the Drift sequence, I sped up, added some effects, originally added a strong blue tint to mimic the Drift sequence but decided to lessen the tint so the audience can see the collection.  For the audio, I used Audacity to edit the audio clips. Had only 2 days before the deadline so it was a rushed project but being a first time user of HitFilm, I think it came out pretty good. Hope you guys like it!

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GForever is the Ultimate Godzilla Fan

Isn't that a great video?!  Our founder, Andrew "GForever" Wong, has been recognized as the Ultimate Godzilla Fan by Warner Bros and Legendary.  We are sending letters out to other fansites, retailers, and the UN for official recognition and sponsorship deals... kidding.

So Andrew has everything set and will be on his way to London, this Saturday!  He will go to the premiere of Godzilla on Sunday, and get a few (very few) minutes to speak with God Gareth Edwards.

We're working out what to ask Mr. Edwards, now.  Personally, I want to know what he orders at McDonald's... or his sandwich of choice.

Congratulations to Andrew and plus one!  You lucky little...  I tried to go along, too, but Andrew said he didn't feel that way about me.

Andrew will fill you in on his trip and impressions of the film, soon.  Have a great time, dude, and safe travels!

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Forums are up... still

You may have gotten an error when trying to load the forums, recently... or not!  The database went down for about three-four minutes, recently, when our host made some changes on the back end.

The forums worked, except for the forum index, which errored at just the right time to cause a cache issue.  Sorry for the mixup.  We're up and running again, though.

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Forums are back

Minor oversight caused some big problems.  But the forums are back online and you can post again.

In the future, please contact us via the site or on Facebook.  I will be overhauling our contact structure, soon.

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Figure reviews and other article specials coming soon!!!




Hi everyone!  Sachiel here from a long hiatus.  I know its been a while since I've posted anything here at  Work, part-time studying and volunteering has prevented me from posting as frequently.  As a result you may have noticed that there has been an absence of coverage for the recent SH MonsterArts Godzilla 1964, SH MonsterArts Destoroyah Evolution, and SH MonsterArts Kiryu sets.  Rest assured I do have them in stock.  I just haven't found the time to do the detailed and lengthy reviews that I normally do.  I have also been planning a new long awaited anime section for that will cover everything that is Japanese animated from the movies, tv shows and figures.  This small section of the website will be called the "Anime Corner" and will pay special attention to the creative and popculture links that Japanese anime shares with Japanese Tokusatsu culture.  And trust me when I say that there are many connections.  Many of the people that used to work in Japanese animation have no jumped over to doing Japanese Tokusatsu productions and vice versa. 


Anyways look forward to several updates in the early new year not in the least the long delayed SH MonsterArts reviews and long awaited "Anime Corner".  I'd like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 

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Back online and about trailer pulls

We are back up and running!  Despite what you may think, we were not DDOS-ed by Legendary for hosting those leaks.  It was purely coincidental.

As to the trailer leaks, we did indeed host them for a while, but decided to pull them.  We did not do so in response to a threat or request by Legendary, though the idea of one was taken into account, but because these were, indeed, leaks.  Certainly the second one!

I would personally like to host the SDCC teaser, but all of us have agreed to respect the wishes of Legendary and the Godzilla crew.  We will wait for an official trailer to host.  This film is their baby, and they have the right to show it to us when they feel it is not only ready, but when it properly represents the movie they're making.

I know we're all anxious to see a trailer, but please try to be patient.  If you can't, they are still in the cloud, somewhere, but understand that they may not represent what we'll be getting on May 16, 2014.  Please do not ask us where to find these videos or to host them, again, as we will refuse to help you with either.

As a result of this experience and decision, we will also work on a new policy when it comes to leaked content, such as this.  We're open to any suggestions or comments as well, so go ahead and post in the forum if you have anything to add.

Anyway, we're up and running again.  Please let us know if you experience any other issues.

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Hotlinking: it's cool with us!

Anyone that has encountered me on various boards knows my disdain for limiting an open web.  I will rant and rave until the mods threaten me about freedom of access, of information, and on traffic-shaping policies.  Any limits on an open web are generally detrimental, in my mind.

One of those limitations is often imposed by websites, themselves: hotlinking.  Websites will go so far as to disable right-clicking in attempts to prevent it.  After that, they serve up a generic image, shaming you for hotlinking and stealing their bandwidth.

While I can undertand doing this to protect content, I feel the bandwidth issue is no longer a concern.  As long as you credit the source host, I feel pretty cool about it... only, that's a real pain in the butt, so I've done that for you!

Rather than preventing hotlinking, I say, "Go for it!"


On the left, you see the image as it will be displayed on the site.  To the right, you see what happens when you hotlink... we just get the credit.  That's okay, right?  The watermark shouldn't ever be any larger than this.

The only hotlinking that currently doesn't work is for forum attachments.  Due to the way the board handles images, I am unable to implement the system.  The other reason it has been disabled all this time is that rather than the server just handing over the image when it's an attachment, the board software has to run, query the database, and then hand over the file.  So it really would slow us down if that was always allowed.  At least you don't have to register to download attachments, though!

So hotlink away!  I hope you can appreciate why we're doing this.  I and everyone involved with this site would like to see it continue to grow.  So any way we can spread the word without being irritating is on the table.

As usual, let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues... I'm expecting a few.

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GForever is on "The MyFace"


We've finally jumped on the social media bandwagon and gotten a Facebook page.  Luckily, we managed to steer clear of Twitter, but I don't know how much longer we'll last...

We'll post links to our latest reviews or articles here along with interesting threads and photos.

So, shamless plug, but please pop on over and give us one of them-there "Likes" if you feel so inclined.



Facebook!  Yay?!

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Minor Javascript fixes

Not many updates, but I did finally implement a workaround on external images in the board.

Previously, images embedded with the [img] code were displayed as you'd expect, only, if they were larger than the post, they were constrained.  I had a script to detect when that happened and would create a link for you to open the image in a lightbox at full size... or the maximum resolution your screen will support.

The problem was that it only worked after loading the images, so you had to refresh the page.  That doesn't fly, does it?

So all [img] tags on the board will open up in our lightbox for you, now.  There are other issues I need to address, but at least I'm back in the game!  Woohoo!

As usual, post a reply if you run into any problems. 

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Lack of updates coming to an end


I know it might be hard to believe, but there has been news this past month, but I just haven't gotten to it!  Life has been a bit of a roller coaster, recently.  However, I will be taking time this weekend for the site.

I will be doing my best to get caught up with all the latest movie and collectible news as well as pop into the forums again.

You guys see the new G2k photos?  Oh... right...

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Opera fix


So, there was a massive Opera bug that was brought to my attention a few days ago that I only just got around to fixing.  Basically, the site broke in Opera.  There was a crack in some initial javascript checks in which Opera fell through after a recent update.

Things seem to be working fine, now.  I just have to get the image links on the forum fixed, next.  If an image doesnt't open after clicking it, just do a soft refresh (F5) and you will be able to click them.  I need to dive back in and find that part of the script.  It's been a very long time since I wrote that particular bit.

Sorry for the trouble.  As always, please comment if you have any issues.

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Update & repair roundup for May, 2013

ylks dizzy

So, I've been trying to tackle more bugs and quirks in the system over this last month, in addition to non-stop updates.... so tired.

Forum attachments have been fixed.  There were a couple bugs preventing them from properly being added as well as issues with the ability to upload multiple files at once.  They should be good to go, now.

Thumbnail images in news and articles have been fixed.  There was a major problem with part of our image system that resulted in massive thumbnails, even if they were a fraction of their original resolution.  So I rehashed an old version and re-worked a few things so that we're better off.  At least load times will be cut, a bit.

Tags!  We have tags, now!  They've actually been live for a little while, but I don't believe I mentioned them.  This will hopefully help people find related articles a little easier.  The tag search page needs some work, but it will be here, soon.

Minor style updates and fixes.  Still some things that need to be addressed.

The rest of the updates are in the background.  Stuff relating to social networking and search engine optimization.  So far, so good on that end.  We're still lacking Facebook's Open Graph features on the forum, but that should be resolved, shortly.

ylks annoyed

Hoping to get some new features and pages online, soon, but no promises.  If the Pacific Rim news would slack off a bit, maybe I'd have a little more time!

As always, post a reply in the forum if you have any issues or concerns.  Always ready to fix something!

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