GForever is the Ultimate Godzilla Fan

Isn't that a great video?!  Our founder, Andrew "GForever" Wong, has been recognized as the Ultimate Godzilla Fan by Warner Bros and Legendary.  We are sending letters out to other fansites, retailers, and the UN for official recognition and sponsorship deals... kidding.

So Andrew has everything set and will be on his way to London, this Saturday!  He will go to the premiere of Godzilla on Sunday, and get a few (very few) minutes to speak with God Gareth Edwards.

We're working out what to ask Mr. Edwards, now.  Personally, I want to know what he orders at McDonald's... or his sandwich of choice.

Congratulations to Andrew and plus one!  You lucky little...  I tried to go along, too, but Andrew said he didn't feel that way about me.

Andrew will fill you in on his trip and impressions of the film, soon.  Have a great time, dude, and safe travels!