Neca's 12" Godzilla'14 figure (Hi-Res photos)


Here's our first look at the finished product of NECA's beautifully crafted and the most accurate figure representation of Legendary's new Godzilla 2014. Such a neat display, do the pictures remind anyone of Godzilla 1984?



More photos after the jump.

Source: Neca

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Singapore Spot - Secret

Another trailer from Warner Bros SG.  We get a rather great shot of his foot as well as a clearer shot of the diving MUTO.  Woohoo!



A couple GIFs after the jump, but this is a 12MB load, so be ready!

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Lies (Singapore TV Spot) & Big Mouth

We have a few international TV Spots for you as well.  First up is "Lies" from Singapore!

GTV4 snarl

There's also this other trailer uploaded by CBMTrailers.

GTV3 bigmouth

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Whatever It Takes (TV Spot #4)

We pull away from a final roaring sequence to see the big G take on the military.  That's pretty darn epic!

GIFs after the jump.  Warning: that's about a 10MB load!

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Amazon taking up the ToysRUs slack


Godzilla 2014 merch is on Amazon and ready for Prime shipping!  Amazon has listed six items from Bandai, some of which have been hard to track down.

These are the only figures they have at the MSRP.  No word on the Jakks figure.  It's got a high asking price on Amazon, and despite my bitching, I've not seen anymore at ToyRUs.

Source: Amazon

MONDO talks about their G posters

Just last month, we saw the gorgeous SXSW poster from Phantom City Creative and Mondo.  Now, Legendary has released a very short documentary/interview with a couple folks from MONDO on their Godzilla work.  It's worth a quick look if you have two minutes.

The only bad thing about working on Godzilla is not being able to work more on Godzilla."

-Rob Jones, Creative Director at Mondo

Source: Legendary

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I Can't Believe This is Happening (TV Spot #2)

We get a good look at the big guy's scaley hand in this one!


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It Can't Be Stopped (TV Spot#1)

Hot on the heels of that Spanish TV spot, we have the American version.  MUTO!  Woohoo!

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Godzilla 2014 Spanish TV Spot (New Scenes)

G14 roar tr

MUTO1 tr

For more screenshots, please check out our very own GFAN198423's flicker page. 

Source: Warner Brother's Espana

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Another contest you won't win

BkEbkxCCYAAfI2s.png large

The Godzilla Premiere Fan Sweepstakes is the latest attempt by Legendary to tease me, specifically!  Okay, it's really a chance for some lucky fan to go to the LA premiere on May 8.

One grand prize winner will recieve two round-trip tickets, a hotel stay, and tickets to the movie's premiere with the cast and crew.  No word on the afterparty.

Ten runner-ups get a swag bag of Godzilla-related merchandise including a poster, t-shirts, keychain, and even a VISA gift card for more Godzilla swag!

Yes! I enetered!  I'm bitter, but not hopeless.

Source: Legendary

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SHMA Larvae on display

13482572043 fba6435100 h

The good folks at toho.seesaa went out to the Akiba showroom to see what's on display, today.  I present two new larval stage photos.

These should be available by the end of June.

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Hello Godzilla

Godzilla is back at Hot Topic, and looking a little... different.


This girls T-shirt is regularly $22.50, but is part of a store-wide 25% off sale, so it's only $16.88.  I may have already gotten one for my special lady...


The tote bag is much more reasonably priced at $4.50.  Nice to see all these renditions of the big guy on here along with the old "King of the Monsters" title.


My favorite has to be this 24x36 poster, though.  $8.50 regular, but also on sale at the moment.  You can find this poster along with others over at FYE, as well.

Source: Hot Topic