New Godzilla'14 Poster, King Ghidorah bank, and spoilers!

1891307 731561133540960 1409029664 oAnother poster has been released showing a tail of destruction. Pretty much the same as the second poster but in a fiery city. Anyone interested in spoilers, check out IGN's article and video. Also a new photo of the futurian King Ghidorah bank is now available. Who else is pumped this summer!? 1146470 843772122306379 1303489853 n











Source: Official Godzilla Facebook page
The Godzilla Collectors Group (Facebook Page)

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Godzilla 2014 Trailer# 3


The new, international Godzilla trailer is out, and it came without warning!

A few new scenes which I took a few screencaps of my favorite new shots. The school bus shot is my favorite followed by Muto flying down and Godzilla appearing in a devastated San Francisco Chinatown at the film's climax. Enjoy! 


Source: CBM Trailers

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Art of Destruction Book & Godzilla Smash3 mobile game revealed! Lots of Classics on Bluray!

IMG 04961

godzilla-art-of-destruction-official-coverAs we draw closer to the release date, more Godzilla goodies are surfacing! The official cover of the book, Godzilla: Art of Destruction. A new mobile game called Godzilla: Smash3 will be coming out in May. Everyone is asking where is 1 and 2 but not to be confused, it is not a sequel to any previous games. It is a puzzle game that requires you to match 3 of a kind. I assume it's a candy crush type of game. More info to come. kraken15

This summer will be a blast for seeing the classic Toho films remastered in high def on blueray. There are a number of titles released. The bulk of the Heisei and Millenium films will be released by Sony (Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah, Godzilla Vs. Mothra'92, Godzilla Vs. Mecha-Godzilla'93, Godzilla Vs. Space Godzilla, Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah, Godzilla X Megaguirus, Godzilla: Tokyo SOS, and Godzilla: Final Wars) while Kraken takes on 3 Showa classics (Godzilla vs The Sea Monster, Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, and Godzilla vs Gigan), and Media Blasters with two super classics (Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla vs. Megalon)! Universal Studios Home Entertainment is also releasing the King Kong titles (King Kong vs. Godzilla, and King Kong Escapes). 


Jump in to see more! 

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More 2014 toy photos

muto-destructionchibi 2

File this one under "things I was supposed to post a week ago."  We have more images of the Bandai toy leaks, including the SD figures that show a winged Muto!  The Desctruction packs are basically the same as the Destruction City playset, though it looks like the buildings are no longer green (crazy, I know!) and now we can get a winged version of the minimally-detailed Muto.

There's also som super-cute SD figures with a wide-wyed Godzilla and a still sinister Muto... sinister and fat Muto.

chibi 1smash striketail strike


The big news, of course, has been the 40" Jakks figure that has been hitting the shelves, early.  Of all the figures we've seen so far, this looks to be the best in terms of accuracy.  Until NECA's super-detailed attempt arrives... however faulty or weak its joints might be.

Jakks, unlike Bandai, has tried to expand on their figure with a little backstory, instead of stupid tags in every language of every market their in.  Does it really save you much to only print one set of packaging?  You already cut so many costs in the figures, themselves!

Possibly the last of an ancient species of giant amphibious creatures that evolved at a time when the surface of the earth was over ten times more radioactive than it is today, GODZILLA can convert his radiation stores into a violent, focused exhalation of atomic ray.  Rarely seen, but spoken of in ancient Pacific Island myths, 'Gojira' was last spotted in 1954, when the US Navy encountered and attempted to kill him with an atomic blast in the Pacific Ocean.  Since then, the giant creature has been living in the deep ocean - until a threat to his survival from an ancient foe forces him to reappear.

Who else is excited?  I'm totally behind this history!


Of course, video reviews have already hit YouTube.  Just try to contain your excitement and ignore the eBay scalpers.  The Jakks Pacific Godzilla and all these Bandai figures will be widely available on the 17th.

G'54 and Gareth Edwards stomping SXSW, tonight


Take a look at that!  This poster was produced by Phantom City Creative for tonight's showing of the original, Japanese Godzilla at SXSW in Austin, tonight!  ...There was a lot of info in that last sentence.  Phantom City is the same crew that put together the SDCC poster we got, last summer.

The event will be hosted by the man we've pinned all our hopes on, Gareth Edwards!  Since his new film stives to reflect the original, 1954 classic, it's only fitting he be at the Ritz Alamo Theater, tonight at 9:30 to preside over such a hallowed viewing.  Cross your fingers for some tidbits from a Q&A.

Source: Yahoo Movies via Flicks and Bits

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Bandai USA 2014 Toys - photo dump

A trip to the local Toys R Us turned up a few surprises.  We'll have a full write-up, soon, but for now, enjoy some close-up shots of Muto!

Muto - 2

Click through for more!

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Bandai Godzilla 2014 Atomic Roar and Destruction Pack, Muto Revealed!


UPDATE - 2014.03.05

Cosmic Book News posted a clear shot of the Destruction City Muto figure.  The multi-limbed creature is lacking in detail at such a small scale.  Bandai being cheap probably didn't help, either.



Two lucky G-Fans scored this weekend on ToysRus' website and in store.  Keep an eye out for these in your local shops.  Shouldn't be long before they start shipping!

1620501 10152320948473185 1160470510 nDestructionPack Front

Have you started your Godzilla hunt? Share photos of your Toy encounters!

More pics of the Destruction City pack and Atomic Roar Godzilla after the jump.

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Muto Silhouette Leak... maybe


Take these with a grain of salt.  There was a recent leak of a Bandai Godzilla figure on the web, and these images came with it.

They appear to be the companion pieces for said leak.  These are the possible silhouettes of the Mutos.  They show both forms of what we've seen briefly in both SDCC concept videos and perhaps in the trailers.

We'll have more on the toy leaks, soon.

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Snicker's Godzilla commercial


With less than three months away, it's time to kick off the marketing campaign for Legendary's upcoming Godzilla reboot film. Starting with the first commercial Snickers commercial featuring Big G himself just released an hour ago (around midnight on 2/28). Such a fun video and looking forward to seeing more of commercials like this playing tribute to the rubber suit!

Extended Version:

Source:  Horror Society
Snickers Brand

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Empire's regular cover for their newstand magazine

Empire Magazine is on a role giving us some amazing magazine covers! The one reported 2 days ago depicts a nice artisty look while this one reveals the Godzilla's latest look in all his glory! 


Source: Empire Magazine

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We finally have a relatively clear view of the big guy's face!


Source: Legendary Pictures

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