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  • The latest on that Bandai Creation goodness


    So, let's get this out of the way from the get go! finally has King Caesar and the chibis in... that's a great band name!  I need to learn an instrument!

    The single Chibi SD figures still aren't listed on the site, but you might find them at your local store for $3.99, each.

    But what about that 6.5-inch Little Godzilla or their awesome Tokyo Vinyl Ghidorah?  Well, Chris Mirjahangir has a writeup at Toho Kingdom about his great interview with someone at Bandai Creation.  When asked about Ghidorah, for example...

    The Tokyo Vinyl did not perform as we had hoped so at this point the 2004 Godzilla and Mechagodzilla are all that have been ordered by retailers. Unfortunately that has put King Ghidorah and Minilla on hold indefinitely. Hopefully that will change in the future and we are looking at other ways to distribute this execution, but we do not have any solutions yet.

    So disappointing!  As to where Little Godzilla is, it's just a matter of what is marketable to the general shopper.  They care about the fans, but they do need to be pretty certain about their investments.  Maybe we'll get that old Anguirus or Mecha King Ghidorah, one day, yet.

    But we can expect things to ramp up sometime next year in anticipation of the new film.  They will even have Godzilla on their website!  Wow!  Don't get crazy, now!

    Really, how has this line survived with so little love from its manufacturer?

    But it's an interesting interview, and I'd highly recommend reading through it over at TK.

    Photo by Eric Gibson

    Source: Toho Kingdom

  • Godzilla ready to stomp retail, again


    Variety reports that hot on the heels of Pacific Rim's retail blitz, Legendary has lined up many partners for their upcoming Godzilla reboot!  I guess that settles the many, many discussions on the matter of Godzilla back at retail.

    We believe that our new theatrical film brings a bold new take on Godzilla that will energize and mobilize fans on a worldwide basis and like never before.

    This licensing program is an augmentation of the filmed entertainment experience, and while it will rally the powerful base, Godzilla the movie will introduce a whole new generation of fans to this franchise.

    -Joel Chiodi, executive VP, theatrical marketing, Legendary Entertainment

    Bandai America will be the primary toy partner, handling small figures and playsets, much like they have been for the past few years.  NECA will do gifts and novelties, Bioworld and Trevco are taking on apparel, Rubie's will handle costumes, and Sideshow will be doing statues.  To top it off, Jakks Pacific will take on large-scale figures.


    That name sound familiar?  It should!  Jakks aquired Trendmasters, Godzilla's former primary NA toy partner.  I must say, I'm quite happy to hear this.  Trendmasters, I miss you!

    This whole thing comes as something of a surprise.  I was sort of expecting a modest toy showing after so many retailers were burned in 1998.  While the 98 line was profitable for manufacturers like Trendmasters, retailers were left with many, many products on clearance shelves.

    It seems like not only has it been long enough for retailers to get their courage back, but Pacific Rim has helped to energize them.  With Comic-con just around the corner, let's cross our fingers for more news on potential collectibles and apparel.  It looks like it won't just be X-Plus taking all our money, next year.  Start saving!

    Source: Variety

  • Bandai's Legendary Godzilla figure tease

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    The odds that we'll get a full reveal at today's Legendary panel at 10:45 PST in Hall H are pretty high.  Want more evidence?  Bandai is teading their Legendary Godzilla sculpt at Comic-Con with some fabric covering the figure.

    So maybe we won't only hear about the movie, today, but the collectibles as well!  We'll update you as news breaks.

    Cross your fingers for a trailer, folks!

  • Bandai USA King Caesar Review


    It has been many years since Bandai stopped producing Godzilla vinyl figures in Japan. In the US, however, Godzilla vinyls continue to thrive through various toy lines released by Bandai USA (formerly Bandai Creation), including 6.5-inch scale figures with clear glitter variants (Fusion series); play sets; deluxe, twelve-inch figures; and more artistic series like the new Tokyo Vinyl and Chibi lines.

    The Godzilla series, which is still not listed on Bandai's website, is only carried at certain stores such as ToysRus and KMart. Various comic shops and many online retailers sometimes carry this line as well, but often at rates higher than the MSRP. Earlier releases in the line were frowned upon by collectors who preferred the more detailed figures from Bandai Japan. However,for the price and the fact that Godzilla figures are being released domestically, Bandai USA's line of toys is actually quite a treat. Typically, Bandai would play it safe by releasing popular charcters, but this year, Wave 7 has a special treat: a brand new King Caesar sculpt, marking the line's eleventh anniversary, since 2002. 

  • Bandai Creation King Caesar is shipping out


    Bandai Creation's King Caesar is out, now!  Where?  I don't know!

    King Caesar has been hitting store shelves somewhere, because he's popping up on eBay, now at ridiculous prices.  He's shown up on KMart's site, but you can't order him, just yet.

    Up to you, but this will show up at Toys R Us and Kmart, eventually.  No rush.  They made more than one!