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  • X-Plus Gigantic series coming for your cash

    gig gmk

    Well, I give up.  You win, X-Plus.  You win.

    XPJ has announced a new figure and scale in their upcoming GMK Godzilla.  This fella is 37.5cm tall and 78cm long.  That's just under 15 by 31 inches!

    You might recognize this bad boy from a 2005 resin kit by Kaibutsuya.  That came in at 32,000 yen, or around $330.  This X-Plus piece comes in around the same price, but in already-completed, vinyl glory.

    AmiAmi is currently listing this for 10% off at just over $300, so pre-order while you can.  If you want the exclusive version, you'll have to pay 34,650 yen to get the web-only Godzilla dropping heart.

    Check out the full gallery, after the jump.

    Source: X-Plus Japan

  • WonderCon Footage

    No!  Not THAT footage.  We won't be posting the cam vid of the Hawaii scene shown at SXSW and WonderCon, which is totally awesome, by the way.  Instead, we have Gareth Edwards discussing the film.

    It's about 25 minutes, but definitely worth a watch.  We don't learn a lot of very new things in here.

    For Godzilla's roar, they were not able to reproduce the original means of creation with the resin, glove, and strings, but finally did happen upon something.  Mr. Edwards would not reveal the secret, as it was only revealed to him after the movie was completed!  He said it would ruin it at the time.  However, Gareth did drop the hint that many of the sounds for the creatures come from super high-def microphones played back very slowly.  The exact source of the sounds remains a mystery, for now.

    There's also a great story about Gareth completely misinterpreting Cranston's character, Hal, from Malcolm in the Middle.  Why Cranston still agreed to work with the director after that, shows how forgiving the man can be!

    Godzilla opens on May 16, with select theaters playing on the 15th!

  • Whatever It Takes (TV Spot #4)

    We pull away from a final roaring sequence to see the big G take on the military.  That's pretty darn epic!

    GIFs after the jump.  Warning: that's about a 10MB load!

  • UPDATED w/ Colored photos: Can Final Wars Gigan get any more love?

    gigan2004 30 01

    gigan2004 30 03With Tamashii announcing their new Final Wars Gigan yesterday, X-Plus could not hold back and released first shots at their upcoming 30cm Final Wars Gigan. Will it be in scale with the 30cm Final Wars Godzilla this time around? Will the Ric Boy version contain his Chainsaw accessories & upgraded head and perhaps light up eyes? Would be cool if his saw chest moved too but yea I'm asking too much... Stay tuned for more to come.

    And X-Plus has taken a page from Bandai's book and will be releasing their amazing Godzilla 2003 figure as a ric boy exclusive with light up fins. This is one of my favorite figures and perfectly resembles that Godzilla from Tokyo SOS. Be sure to pick it up if you missed it the first time around.

    More photos after the jump.

  • Twitter Tease: Who are M.U.T.O.?

    muto bcg

    Legendary posted a link on their Twitter page to an article on the Chinese site, Mtime.  The article has an image of the wold's largest sinkhole in Fengjie, China, Xiaozhai Tiankeng, also known as the heavenly pit.


    No clue where the image comes from, but careful analysis points us to, a viral marketing site for you-know-who.

    We have a full breakdown of everything after the jump, including video, some cast listings, and a little more info on that trailer.  Finally!

  • Twitter Tease: King of the Monsters

    1911947 732324030131337 281659703 o

    Been a little while since we had one of these, huh?

    Source: Twitter & Facebook

  • The other three MUTO videos

    The server.xml file from has been updated.  Here are the remaining three clips!

    MUTO video 3

    MUTO video 4

    MUTO video 5


  • The first official Godzilla trailer

    Here it is, guys!  Enjoy!

    Godzilla opens on May 16, 2013.

    Source: Youtube

  • Singapore Spot - Secret

    Another trailer from Warner Bros SG.  We get a rather great shot of his foot as well as a clearer shot of the diving MUTO.  Woohoo!



    A couple GIFs after the jump, but this is a 12MB load, so be ready!

  • SHMA Godzilla 2000 gets an awesome display

    More SHMA goodness from Toho Seesaa.  This time, it's photos and a video of the upcoming Godzilla 2000 in the S.H. MonsterArts line from Bandai-Tamashii Nations.  G2k got a holographic display, showing him being hit with missiles in front of a flaming city.  Expect Godzilla 2000, in January of 2014.

    Hit the jump for the full gallery.  You can also download the video in 720p, here.


  • SHMA Godzilla 2000 & Mothra '92 at WonderFest


    Tamashii Nations has revealed their latest MonsterArts figures at the Summer Wonder Fest which includes Yuji Sakai's Godzilla 2000 maquette version and Mothra 1992 adult imago form. They look amazing along side with Battra! Does anyone see that huge & amazing Tokyo SOS diorama in the background? More photos after the jump!

  • SHMA G2014 reveal


    Bluefin has released the first image of the 2014 Godzilla in the SHMA line after several days of teasing.  Still not sure when it will land, but I think July, around the time of the Japanese release, is a safe bet.

    I think this will certainly top NECA's attempt.  Love seeing some color in there!  Hit the jump for a gallery of the blurry teaser shots.

    Source: Bluefin

  • SHMA Biollante shown at Akiba


    Whoo!  Go, Import Monsters!  They posted three more photos of Tamashii's upcoming SH MonsterArts Biollante from their Akiba showroom.  We get a great look at the base of the figure, and she is looking every bit as glorious as the X-Plus rendition.


    It looks like they're also displaying that 12" Perfect Model Godzilla we've heard very little about.  Maybe we'll finally get a price and release date, soon since they keep showing him with Biollante.

    Source: Import Monsters

  • SHMA Biollante and Godzilla battle at Comic-Con 2013

    Comic Con 2013 Photos gozilla

    It's about time!  While Bandai Japan likes to pair their upcoming SH MonsterArts Biollante with the Perfect Model Godzilla, Bluefin did right by all of us and threw the SHMA Godzilla in the ring with our beautiful rose at their booth.

    540680 480480815376689 434303000 n1002310 10152103178529988 452068769 n

    Source: Art of Wei, Kaiju Planet, Facebook

  • SDCC 2013 Godzilla panel... minus trailers

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    We have the full Godzilla panel from Hall H of Comic Con, yesterday.  It's a great 13-minute insight into Gareth Edwards and the cast.  Bryan Cranston is obviously the star of this panel, and he shines bright!  So give it a watch to clarify some of what I posted, yesterday.

    Still no footage as of yet.  I have little hope at this point...

    Source: YouTube, image from Facebook

  • Political Godzillas

    Hashtag Godzilla COLOR 148802 By Rick McKee The Augusta Chronicle LG

    It's been a good few weeks for Godzilla.  He trounced the box office, helped Warner Bros break a billion, and has had his sequel confimed.  And while the media blitz by Legendary was, well legendary, his influence in pop culture has made its way into political cartoons.  Regardless of your political leanings, take a look and enjoy seeing the big guy stomping through the papers.

    Scandalzilla COLOR 148806 By Nate Beeler The Columbus Dispatch LG

    Hit the jump for another four images and the artists.

  • New Toy Vault Godzilla plush


    Toy Vault will be releasing a new Godzilla plush for this summer's rebirth.  And you all thought they'd forgotten about that line!  Ha!

    Standing 100 meters tall, weighing 60,000 metric tons, GODZILLA is nothing less than the mightiest beast on the planet! Able to spit a stream of pure radiation, heal nearly any wound, and generate a shockwave of raw nuclear energy from his body, GODZILLA’S powers make him nearly unstoppable. However, the greatest weapon in the mighty creature's arsenal is his fighting spirit - when attached or confronted, GODZILLA will not flee, he will not turn, and he will not be deterred until the opposing force is utterly obliterated!

    The new plush is 15" tall and ships in May.  BBTS is taking preorders, now, at $44.99.

  • New Photos from Godzilla set w/ Elizabeth Olsen

    1372133027 11372133045 11372133128 1

    Alright, nothing too exciting unless your an Olsen fan. But here's your first look at actress Elizabeth Olsen during filming of the new G-Flick. Does her facial expressions scream Godzilla to you?


  • New Godzilla poster shows some skin

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    That is so awesome!

    Legendary showed off this new poster and took time to announce their Godzilla plans for San Diego Comic Con.  Here's the post from their Facebook page:

    Join stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and director Gareth Edwards for an exclusive look at the upcoming film during the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures presentation this Saturday from 10:45am – 1:15pm in Hall H.

    The cast will also be signing autographs at the Legendary booth (#3920) from 1:05pm – 1:45pm on Saturday.

    Source: Facebook

  • New Godzilla 2014 Poster

    Godzilla 1Teaser ONLINE poster

    Bet. Day. Ever.

  • NECA making Godzilla toys, too

    Apparently, we won't just be seeing "gifts and novelties" from NECA for Godzilla.  Their Twitter account posted this in response to a fan, yesterday.

    YES! “@Ode2Ash: With PacRim toys doing so well and the 2014 Godzilla also being Legendary Films, any plans for figs from the new G-film?”

    Just make sure they can actually stand up, NECA.  Your Jaegers seem to have trouble with that.

    Source: Twitter

  • Muto Silhouette Leak... maybe


    Take these with a grain of salt.  There was a recent leak of a Bandai Godzilla figure on the web, and these images came with it.

    They appear to be the companion pieces for said leak.  These are the possible silhouettes of the Mutos.  They show both forms of what we've seen briefly in both SDCC concept videos and perhaps in the trailers.

    We'll have more on the toy leaks, soon.

  • MUTO invades Venezuela

    GZ-VENEZ-SINKHOLE2-jpg 174115

    Whatever's going on must be pretty big!

    In addition to their actions in China and Turkministan, MUTO has also taken over the Sima Humbolt in Venezuela.

    Source: Yahoo Mexico

  • More SH MonsterArts Biollante images

    9174103276 5affdfd215 b

    We have a few more shots of the upcoming SH MonsterArts Biollante and the 12" Perfect Model Godzilla 1989 shown at the Akiba showroom.  These images come from, so click over there to show your appreciation.

    9174103176 0ac5fdf2a9 b9174103430 b532ef2a0d b9174103534 393c02d4bb b


  • More 2014 toy photos

    muto-destructionchibi 2

    File this one under "things I was supposed to post a week ago."  We have more images of the Bandai toy leaks, including the SD figures that show a winged Muto!  The Desctruction packs are basically the same as the Destruction City playset, though it looks like the buildings are no longer green (crazy, I know!) and now we can get a winged version of the minimally-detailed Muto.

    There's also som super-cute SD figures with a wide-wyed Godzilla and a still sinister Muto... sinister and fat Muto.

    chibi 1smash striketail strike


    The big news, of course, has been the 40" Jakks figure that has been hitting the shelves, early.  Of all the figures we've seen so far, this looks to be the best in terms of accuracy.  Until NECA's super-detailed attempt arrives... however faulty or weak its joints might be.

    Jakks, unlike Bandai, has tried to expand on their figure with a little backstory, instead of stupid tags in every language of every market their in.  Does it really save you much to only print one set of packaging?  You already cut so many costs in the figures, themselves!

    Possibly the last of an ancient species of giant amphibious creatures that evolved at a time when the surface of the earth was over ten times more radioactive than it is today, GODZILLA can convert his radiation stores into a violent, focused exhalation of atomic ray.  Rarely seen, but spoken of in ancient Pacific Island myths, 'Gojira' was last spotted in 1954, when the US Navy encountered and attempted to kill him with an atomic blast in the Pacific Ocean.  Since then, the giant creature has been living in the deep ocean - until a threat to his survival from an ancient foe forces him to reappear.

    Who else is excited?  I'm totally behind this history!


    Of course, video reviews have already hit YouTube.  Just try to contain your excitement and ignore the eBay scalpers.  The Jakks Pacific Godzilla and all these Bandai figures will be widely available on the 17th.

  • MONDO talks about their G posters

    Just last month, we saw the gorgeous SXSW poster from Phantom City Creative and Mondo.  Now, Legendary has released a very short documentary/interview with a couple folks from MONDO on their Godzilla work.  It's worth a quick look if you have two minutes.

    The only bad thing about working on Godzilla is not being able to work more on Godzilla."

    -Rob Jones, Creative Director at Mondo

    Source: Legendary

  • Let Them Fight, Asia Trailer

    A MUTO-centric trailer for Asia!  Woohoo!

    We get a better look at the beast this time around, as well as a chill-inducing line about Godzilla.  This movie is going to be quite the thrill!

    Godzilla opens May 15... It's so close!

  • Legendary Pictures Godzilla SDCC teaser leaked

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    Update: We have removed the SDCC teaser and subsequent trailer leaks as a courtesy to Legendary and the Godzilla crew.  We hope to host a trailer they feel represents their vision of the film and is ready to be shown to the wider public, soon.  We will continue to publish this synopsis of the trailer that was previously only shown at SDCC in 2012, and again in 2013.  Stay strong, guys.  We're all crossing our fingers for a trailer by December.

    A little more than a year ago Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers released the now infamous San Diego Comic Con Godzilla teaser trailer to audiences and other attendees at San Diego Comic Con 2012.  Unfortunately, with little more than a brief cell phone picture taken of Godzilla's silhouette the trailer was never made public outside of the convention until now.

    14 months after the trailer was first unveiled at San Diego Comic Con, it has finally appeared online.  Much has been said about this teaser trailer over the last year, and in my opinion, it definitely delivers.  The stark images of urban destruction along with a monologued audio excerpt from Robert Oppenheimer, himself, gives the trailer an intensely ominous and foreboding atmosphere.  I really like it.  What follows is a summary of my observations from the trailer and more!

  • Legendary Launches new Godzilla websites!

    thumb Legendary G site

    Legendary has released the official Godzilla page on their website with a tease saying, "synopis coming soon."

    Shortly after the official page launched, they posted  a link to via their Facebook page. This new site contains screenshots of fake articles, detailing the approach of something big on its way to San Diego.

    Also in these articles are highlighted letters.  So far we collected "S" and "E". What will it spell out? 

    7/14/13 Update: new red letters: "R" "I".  

    thumb tumblr mpxoht8juf1syx6yfo1 1280thumb tumblr mpqghvbE4J1syx6yfo1 1280thumb tumblr mpqgjc2Ci61syx6yfo1 1280

    Source: Legendary, Godzillaencounter website

  • It Can't Be Stopped (TV Spot#1)

    Hot on the heels of that Spanish TV spot, we have the American version.  MUTO!  Woohoo!

  • Interviews reveal more about Godzilla 2014


    Comic-con may have been in July, but some new video interviews have surfaced.  Really, why hold onto these for so long?

    Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston were interviewed by Brazillian entertainment site, Omelete.  They focussed on the characters and their roles in the film.  Olsen and our new hero, Gareth Edwards, also spoke with Empire Australia about the big guy, himself.

    Olsen's character is named Elle Brody, a nurse and mother trying to understand what is happening while working to keep her child safe.  She is also the wife of Aaron Taylor Johnson's character.  IMDb has him listed as "Ford."

    Cranston plays a scientist, as we already knew.  He begins investigating some sonar abnormalities while in Japan "when all hell breaks loose."

    Gareth Edwards explains Godzilla's role in the film at first as "the punishment," which he feels is necessary.  He clarifies by calling him the anti-hero.  And while we have been aware of other kaiju appearing alongside the king, Edwards did say that he will have company on big screen.

    Speaking of screens, Olsen reiterated what we've often heard before: they did very little with green screen.  Most of the shooting was on set in real environments.  That really helped the process.

    You can see both videos below, the first is with Edwards and Olsen...

    and the second is Cranston and Olsen.  You can find rough translations of the question cards below.

    1. Talk a little bit about your character and the film.
    2. Will this movie will [erase the] trauma of the last Godzilla?
    3. What are the themes of the film?
    4. Did you work with much green screen?
    5. Tell us a little about your character.

    Source: Omelete & Empire Australia

  • Interview with G Encounter creator, Barnaby Legg

    barnaby legg

    Toho Kingdom's Chris Mirjahangir has a great interview with Barnaby Legg, creator of the Godzilla Encounter experience during this year's SDCC.  Mr. Legg worked with FIVE33, the advertising firm recently aquired by Legendary, to create the tribute to the big G.

    Legendary wanted to give a gift to the fans this year at Comic-Con, and share their passion for the Godzilla franchise. They reached out to FIVE33 to come up with a fan event that would bring the legacy of this iconic character to life, and provide a tribute to nearly six decades of Godzilla fandom.

    Wish I could have been there to experience it, myself.  Check out the full interview over at TK and regret missing this amazing event!

    Source: Toho Kingdom

  • IGN's Gareth Edwards interview

    Gareth Edwards made it to IGN's live coverage of Comic-Con for a little interview.  IGN has yet to post the video or audio, but at least someone was ready to capture it from their stream.

    Soundcloud user, VJelectro nabbed the whole thing and posted it for us over here.

    You can also download an mp3 of the interview, here (right-click and "Save as").  It's about 19 minutes, so grab a drink.  It's an interesting interview and has me even more excited for tomorrow's panel!

    Among some of the things gleamed from this interview is that this may be the tallest Godzilla, but in the same way they add an antenna to a skyscraper and call it the tallest.  So he may be only a bit over 100 meters.

    Overall, Edwards was very coy throughout, but he reluctantly hinted at other kaiju appearing alongside Godzilla and sequels.  Well, he said that they worked to make this film the best they could, but he would love to work in this universe a little more.

    You should also expect to see some surprising personality in the character despite his position as a force of nature.  Edwards was shocked to be drawn to his face in the early special effects work being done.  Godzilla wrapped up shooting yesterday, July 18!  Plenty of work to be done for the May 16, 2014 release!

    1001371 448768271885302 1261061159 ngodzillasdccb17xgodzillasdccb4xgodzillasdccb5x

    I've also added some more images of the concept pieces on display at the Godzilla Encounter event which runs through Sunday.  Thank Dread Central for these photos by clicking over to their site.


    Update: 2013.07.20 @ 8:17am EST

    IGN has finally posted the vide interview.  You can watch it, here.

    Source: SoundCloud, IGN & Dread Central

  • Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration Kickstarter

    Sometimes we get you the news, early.  Sometimes, we're late.  We will not discuss HOW late.  Let's just leave it at late.

    This one is a bit late.  You know that Ifukube fella?  That guy that made the music that want to keep on repeat all the time?  Yeah!  Let's all back a concert dedicated to his music!

    With only nine days and $6,500 to go, we might just be able to put on a concert in time for this great man's 100th birthday and Godzilla's 60th!  I can remember being dragged to the orchestra over and over on field trips as a kid.  I always hoped they would play some Godzilla music.  Time and time, again, it was a Star Wars finale.  Well, let's try and change that for a few lucky individuals.  Let's all pitch in and put on the concert we've always wanted!

    Please pledge, today!

    Source: Kickstarter

  • I Can't Believe This is Happening (TV Spot #2)

    We get a good look at the big guy's scaley hand in this one!


  • Hot Topic's Godzilla Tee

    1014659 10151767625681979 1623257182 o

    Godzilla may be another ten months away, but that hasn't stopped Hot Topic from posting a teaser of their new Godzilla tee on their FaceBook page.

    All that was posted with it was "Coming soon."  Great...

    Godzilla opens on May 16, 2014.

    Source: Facebook

  • Hello Godzilla

    Godzilla is back at Hot Topic, and looking a little... different.


    This girls T-shirt is regularly $22.50, but is part of a store-wide 25% off sale, so it's only $16.88.  I may have already gotten one for my special lady...


    The tote bag is much more reasonably priced at $4.50.  Nice to see all these renditions of the big guy on here along with the old "King of the Monsters" title.


    My favorite has to be this 24x36 poster, though.  $8.50 regular, but also on sale at the moment.  You can find this poster along with others over at FYE, as well.

    Source: Hot Topic

  • Godzilla, as he appears from above - trailer at 1pm ET!


    Anyone who was able to see that ridiculous second trailer leak a few weeks back will remember just how infuriating the camerawork was during the HALO jump.  Actually, during all of it, but that's not the point!

    We were obviously supposed to see something pretty cool in that jumper's POV, and now we can!

    USAToday got a sneak peak, courtesy of Legendary, and even confirmed the release of the trailer online at 1pm, on Tuesday, December 10!  Still not sure what the hell the XML file is hinting at, then...


    We're also treated to a shot of a scared Ford Brody, looking up at what we assume is the king, himself.

    USA had this quote from the director, as well.

    To me, he's like a force of nature, like the wrath of God or vengeance for the way we've behaved.  If this really happened, it would be like Sept. 11.
    I want it to be epic. I want to get the hairs on the back of your neck up.

    -Gareth Edwards

    Source: USAToday

  • Godzilla trailer lands Dec 10 at 1pm EST

    1014831 481085491974530 2054931181 o

    Cosmic Book News is reporting that Legendary will be releasinging the official teaser trailer for Godzilla, this Tuesday, around 1:00 pm.  Looks like it will also be attached to The Hobbit, like everyone thought.

    We'll be sure to post the trailer and keep it up, this time.  Everyone ready for an early Christmas?

    UPDATE: New info from points to a 11pm EST release on Dec 10 being more likely, at least for the viral site.  More, here.

    UPDATE 2:  While the data remains the same, USAToday confirmed a 1pm release.

    Source: Cosmic Book News

  • Godzilla Tee available at Hot Topic

    1000222 hi

    We told you about Hot Topic's Godzilla T-shirt tease a while back, but it's now available on their site.  Been up for a few days, but it's already 25% off at the moment!

    Less than $16 for a Legendary Godzilla shirt?  I'm in!

    Source: Hot Topic

  • Godzilla footage still MIA on the web



    Okay!  So... First off, no footage is available, yet.  May not ever be.  You know where to point the finger.

    Update - 2013.07.21: We at least have video of the panel for you!  Check it out, here.

    They started off the panel by showing last year's footage, again.  Crowd is please, blah blah, blah.  Gareth Edwards comes up on stage, followed by Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston.

    Cranston was the clown, today.  He had a lot of fun up on stage.  King Kong appeared to be a wimp to him, so Godzilla was his favorite monster growing up.  He was initially worried about taking a role in such an iconic film, but after watching Monsters, he was convinced that Edwards could balance the character and action.

    If you checked out the interviews with Edwards from Friday, you'll recall that it took Gareth and crew over a year to develop a human story with relatable characters and an interesting story.  This isn't to be a Godzilla movie with people in it, it's a movie about people with Godzilla in it.  They worked very hard to make the story unfold through the events in the film and not just have mindless destruction.  That said, Cranston always enjoyed the unapologetic scope of destruction in Godzilla films.  Here's hoping for some of that in this one!

    BPo3TxHCIAIW2Ip.jpg large

    Elizabeth Olsen will play a nurse and mother in the film.  She loved working on the movie because it felt very much like an independent flick, a sentiment which we'd previously heard from Aaron Taylor-Johnson.  She was always filming with very little downtime.

    They just wrapped up shooting a couple days ago and are now working on editing and effects.  Long year ahead, guys!  They loved shooting in Vancouver because the Canadians were so nice.  Bryan Cranston interjected with an impression of a friendly, Canadian Godzilla to the amusement of the crowd.

    When Edwards first went to Canada, the border agents Googled him, and when the realized he was directing the new Godzilla film, they got excited and said, "Don't f*ck it up, man!"  Again, the audience erupted.  They also apparently took the time to give the director some pointers.  Thanks, Canada!


    After this, they announced that they had something to show Hall H.  Bryan Cranston got up and began removing his pants to hooting and cheering.  We love you Bryan!  Can't wait to see it!  -The film!  Can't wait to see you in this film... call me!

    I'm going to try and piece this together from multiple sources, so bear with me.  This might be entirely accurate.

    • The Legendary and WB logos flash before revealing a flooded city.
    • Cranston removes his radiation suit.  A clip of Olsen crying...
    • Paratroopers jumping from a plane, missiles, and a giant monster - that isn't Godzilla!
    • A four-legged, insectoid creature with wings is battling with the military.
    • It tears apart a plane at an airport and the fusalage is thrown aside where it explodes on the scaley foor of Godzilla!
    • He's massive, and dwarfs the insect.
    • Apparently, he cruses the beast in an instant and roars.
    • View looking up, but you can't see all of the king behind the dust and smoke.
    • Another roar and the 2014 logo comes in.

    There you have it!  Best I've got for now.  I pieced this together from's liveblog of the even as well as posts from attendees.  This may be innaccurate, but I will try to keep you informed of any corrections.  I'll post the transcript of the liveblog from and a few more images after the break.

    No reveal just yet, folks!  No word on what's going on with that Bandai figure, either.  For now, just enjoy this image from last year.


    Update - 2013.07.21: Updated to clarify the events of the panel now that the footage is online.

    Source: Twitter, 2, 3, YouTube &


  • Godzilla featured in Total Film Magazine


    Well, it's sort of on the cover... I guess.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson is interviewed about some movie he is doing that is not Godzilla, and another that is!

    So I'll be sure to check out issue 209 of Total Film.  They have a digital edition, too, so the usual excuses won't get you off the hook for missing this one.

    Source: Total Film Magazine

  • Godzilla documentary planned for 2014

    Godzilla & Hiroshima: The Dawn of the Kaiju Eiga is a new 90-minute documentary by Spanish director, Jonathan Bellés.  The budget is limited, but the scope looks to be great.  Bellés will travel around the world for interviews and location for his doctoral project.  He'll cover not just Godzilla, but other kaiju eiga including Gamera and Ultraman.

    You can expect this sometime next summer, hopefully before the new film!  In the meantime, feast your eyes on this fantastic trailer!

    Source: Producciones 451 via Truly Disturbing

  • Godzilla design still under wraps. Reveal on Saturday?

    64824 10151540715666872 64149486 n 1

    So what's at the Godzilla Encounter is not quite the final design.  When Shock Till You Drop asked Edwards about the statue shown at the even, he responded with this:

    Yeah.  It's a resemblance, but that's not 100% correct.

    -Gareth Edwards

    Gareth was asked about whether we would see Godzilla's nuclear ray in this film as well, and I largely feel positive about his response.

    It was important to me to make it as believable as possible and with all of those elements you've mentioned, they're in the film but I tried to put them in the film where they're not so fantastical that you don't believe it.  Hopefully, the only big buy the audience has to make - and I believe there can only be one buy - is that giant creatures can exist.  Beyond that, we try to make it as realistic as possible.  Throughout the franchise, there's consistently been these elements related to Godzilla and they're in this film, but it was about making it feel natural in our film.  I can't go into much more details.  There is a nuclear element in the movie.

    -Gareth Edwards

    The whole interview is over at Shock Till You Drop.  It's a quick read and worth a few minutes of your time.

    The big reveal will be in Hall H, tomorrow.  Word is that will have a live stream.  Not 100% on that, though.  Hold on, guys!  We'll know more, tomorrow!

  • Godzilla Awakening


    On May 7, Legendary Comics will release an 80-page graphic novel depicting the events of Godzilla's awakening, decades before his reappearance in Gareth Edwards's upcoming film.

    'In 1954, we awakened something...'


    To pave the way for Godzilla's return to the big screen, Legendary Comics proudly presents the official graphic novel Godzilla: Awakening. Today, we are excited to reveal the King of the Monsters in all his glory, as we unveil the cover featuring exclusive artwork by acclaimed Godzilla artist Arthur Adams.


    This 80-page story, set decades before the film, is co-written by Max Borenstein (screenwriter of the new Godzilla) and Greg Borenstein.


    Godzilla: Awakening hits comic book stores May 7, 2014…
    pre-order your copy today!

    The hardcover will run you $15.47 as of posting, while the Kindle edition is $9.99.

    Source: Legendary

  • Godzilla 2014 Trailer# 3


    The new, international Godzilla trailer is out, and it came without warning!

    A few new scenes which I took a few screencaps of my favorite new shots. The school bus shot is my favorite followed by Muto flying down and Godzilla appearing in a devastated San Francisco Chinatown at the film's climax. Enjoy! 


    Source: CBM Trailers

  • Godzilla 2014 Spanish TV Spot (New Scenes)

    G14 roar tr

    MUTO1 tr

    For more screenshots, please check out our very own GFAN198423's flicker page. 

    Source: Warner Brother's Espana

  • Godzilla 2014 hi-res image dump


    Screen Crush (how appropriate) has unleashed the latest round of hi-res stills from Legendary.  It's pretty glorious.  Full gallery after the jump.

    Source: Screen Crush

  • Godzilla 2014 designs on display in San Diego


    Skreeonk and Collider have some photos from the Godzilla Encounter event in California.  The event is being held in anticipation of Godzilla's appearance at Comic-con, later this week.  And to everyone's great surprise, what appears to be the new Godzilla designs are on display!

    It looks like the original, hulking creature shown off through clouds of dust and smoke at last year's Comic-con is still in play, but he also exhibits the slim appearance mentioned by Akira Takarada.  This is reference to width, I'd say.  He does appear to be a bit narrow in that regard, but still looks ridiculously powerful and menacing.


    Another version of the head is also displayed.  This version appears to more club-like than the one on the full maquette.  Skreeonk commented on the crocodillian-like appearance of the new design, and the teeth certainly remind me of that, here.  That, or the V-Rex from Peter Jackson's 2006 remake of King Kong.


    Again, these are not confirmed designs - just concepts as far as we know!

    More images, below.  Be sure to click over to the sources to show your appreciation.

    76529 10151808450923185 1665254156 nfrontviewcollidergodzilla-2  130717050405  130717053617

    Source: Skreeonk & Collider

  • Godzilla 2014 concept art from app


    Skreeonk got their hands on something nice!  A fan by the name of Kaiju D’amato sent them this piece of artwork embedded in the files of the recent Godzilla Encounters app.  There may yet be a few more updates before Saturday, so perhaps this won't be it.  It's certainly an exciting image, though!

    Be sure to click on over to Skreeonk and show them your appreciation.

    Source: Skreeonk

  • Godzilla (PG-13) still in post


    I guess we knew it was, right?  I mean, principle photography ended just before SDCC 2013 and, the release is in May, so it makes sense that they are still working on the effects of the film.

    Anyway, screenwriter Max Borstein took to Twittwer to update the lot of us on Godzilla's status.

    @2014Godzilla lots of effects on a big movie like this, so still plenty to go!

    He also speculated on the movie's possible rating:

    [The movie is] not rated at all yet. Don't know what it will be, that's up to the MPAA, but if I had to lay odds I'd say PG-13.

    So take from that what you will.

    Source: Twitter, 2

  • Get a good look at Godzilla... in a car ad

    I just... *sigh*

  • G2014 High Grades


    Well,  I must say that I'm surprised we get word of this before a standard vinyl.  Will we even get one at this point?

    So we'll be seeing a few new High Grade pieces from Bandai Japan , this August.  Only real info I've found on this is that he'll be 100mm from toe to tail tip and the price: 300 yen.  So just under four inches and $3.

    No word on whether or not these will be manufactured to the quality of old, or if this will be like the 50th Anniversary crap-storm.

    Source: Timeless Dimension 0 Blog

  • G'54 and Gareth Edwards stomping SXSW, tonight


    Take a look at that!  This poster was produced by Phantom City Creative for tonight's showing of the original, Japanese Godzilla at SXSW in Austin, tonight! ...There was a lot of info in that last sentence.  Phantom City is the same crew that put together the SDCC poster we got, last summer.

    The event will be hosted by the man we've pinned all our hopes on, Gareth Edwards!  Since his new film stives to reflect the original, 1954 classic, it's only fitting he be at the Ritz Alamo Theater, tonight at 9:30 to preside over such a hallowed viewing.  Cross your fingers for some tidbits from a Q&A.

    Source: Yahoo Movies via Flicks and Bits

  • First official 'Godzilla' trailer coming, soon

    godzilla - trailer 1 - rating

    There have been a lot of rumors, leaks, and outright BS associated with the release of Legendary's Godzilla trailer, but it looks like we may finally be getting it, sometime this month.  The Alberta Film Classification group is essentially Canada's MPAA, albeit with a beter sense of humor.

    Anyway, they recently posted a PG rating for "Godzilla (trailer#1)."  Woohoo!

    Ratings usually pop up one to two weeks before their release, lending credence to those Hobbit rumors.

    So we may see this trailer attached to the December 13 release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, or even sooner, online.  The earliest release of the film is the tenth in Norway.

    The length of the trailer is 2:25, so it's more likely to be the second trailer that leaked, instead of that 90-second SDCC demo real that was also leaked.

    Just a little longer, folks!

    Source: Alberta Film Ratings

  • First look at Bandai vinyls in the wild


    Bandai Japan is largely taking the easy way out by releasing Bandai America's cheap crap, but they are at least releasing some 6" vinyls.  We got a look at those in this photo, courtesy of Mr. Middlebrook, over on Facebook.  This is also our first look at the egg figures, which don't seem as crappy as the rest of the line.

    These will be available at the end of July.

  • First Godzilla 2014 figure by Running Press

    Image removed per Running Press Book Publishers and WB request.   2014.01.01 @ 2:57pm EST.

    Another toy leak, but this time with an image!  Woohoo!  Enjoy it, folks.

    Godzilla: With Light and Sound

    • 9780762454068
    • Apr 2014
    • Running Press
    • Multiple-item boxed product
    • 16pp
    • 76x51mm
    • Forthcoming
    • GEN
    • AUD$16.99, NZD$19.99

    Timed to coincide with the release of Godzilla in May 2014, this kit features the legendary monster with a sixty-year history of popularity at his finest—with “fire-breathing” light and sound of his iconic roar!

    Source: New South Books via Screen Crush

  • Entertainment Weekly Tease

    hr Godzilla 231

    Entertainment Weekly teases us with this fantastic battle shot!

    Source: BloodyDisgusting

  • Door to Hell taken over by MUTO


    Turkministan's "Door to Hell" has been locked down by MUTO!  At least that's what this viral image passed on to Total Film seems to show.  They've already made their mark on The Heavely Pit.  Just what could be going on, I wonder?

    With the trailer set for release, tomorrow or Wednesday, things are certainly heating up!  ...I really didn't intend the pun.

    Source: Total Film

  • Devil's Throat on lockdown


    Nevada’s 'Devil’s Throat' sinkhole, thought to have formed in the past decade, is located in the remote wilds of the Mojave Desert - barren lands left scarred from atomic testing. Before being removed from this perimeter by security officers, one civilian leaked a smartphone image of what appears to be a secret quarantine zone established by paramilitary troops and scientific researchers.
    Closer inspection reveals a URL that may contain more details on the mysterious M.U.T.O. group at the epicenter of this incident.

    Thank you, IGN, for posting a decent image resolution.  See that USATodayMtime?  That's how it's done!

    Source: IGN

  • Daimond Select releasing line of Godzilla banks


    Been meaning to post about this for a few days, but better late than never, right?  Diamond Select Toys will be releasing a new line of vinyl bust banks based on the big guy and other kaiju friends and foes.  They're apparently considering full kaiju banks as well.

    First in the lineup is fan-favorite, Godzilla 1989.  Bio-goji will be about ten inches tall and set you back about $23... very nice!

    Here's the company's description:

    Godzilla 1989 Vinyl Bust Bank
    A Diamond Select Release! Is he monster, or hero, or both? This 10-inch bank of the city-destroying and alien-fighting lizard called Godzilla is based on his appearance in the 1989 movie Godzilla vs. Biollante! Cast in sturdy vinyl, the bank features a coin slot in his back, as well as an access door in the base.
    Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!
    (Item #DEC131817, SRP: $23)

    BBTS currently lists this guy shipping in May of 2014.  Wanna bet there's a Legendary-goji in their lineup, as well?  Skreeonk has a nice write-up and is likely to hear more straight from Diamond, so be sure to keep checking in with them.

    Source: Skreeonk!

  • Breathing Life into Godzilla, 2014

    Monster Island News has a very nice article up about bringing the new Godzilla to life.  The headline wans of spoilers, but unless you didn't know that Godzilla was attacking San Francisco, you're in the clear.  Did I just spoil it for you?  Oops...


    There's a bit of news that we haven't discussed, like G's new height of 355 feet or how Andy Serkis was consulted for the project.  I particularly liked the bit about Godzilla's character being something like "the last samurai."

    A lone, ancient warrior that would prefer to not be part of the world if he could, but events force him to resurface.

    Give it a read, as it quotes many of the other folks under Edwards's direction that did the heavy lifting in bringing us the biggest Godzilla, ever.

    Source: Monster Island News

  • Bandai's Legendary Godzilla figure tease

    1070102 10151649892149300 1792356984 n

    The odds that we'll get a full reveal at today's Legendary panel at 10:45 PST in Hall H are pretty high.  Want more evidence?  Bandai is teading their Legendary Godzilla sculpt at Comic-Con with some fabric covering the figure.

    So maybe we won't only hear about the movie, today, but the collectibles as well!  We'll update you as news breaks.

    Cross your fingers for a trailer, folks!

  • Bandai USA 2014 Toys - photo dump

    A trip to the local Toys R Us turned up a few surprises.  We'll have a full write-up, soon, but for now, enjoy some close-up shots of Muto!

    Muto - 2

    Click through for more!

  • Bandai Japan Saves Us All!


    Bandai Japan has come to our aid!  NECA failed us by saying they had no interest in doing a MUTO figure... WHAT?!  We have no idea whether or not we'll get an SHMA MUTO, but we finally have confirmation that Bandai Japan that we will be getting some classic Movie Monster vinyl figures from Bandai Japan!

    They're only in the six-inch scale, but at least it's a classic vinyl.  How I've missed those!  They're going to be about $15 each, so... hell yeah!  No word on a female MUTO, which means it's doubtful.  But if these sell well, then we can expect more of... something.

    Look forward to these in August.  Woohoo!

  • Bandai Godzilla Egg Series arrives in March, 2014


    BBTS has some scans of Bandai Japan's latest Godzilla toy like, the Godzilla Egg Series.  Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Ghidorah, and Mothra will fold up into egg shapes and transform back into full figures.

    The figures arrive in March, and at $14 each, seem rather reasonable.  Otherwise, you can try to find them through the usual sources for 800 to 1,000 yen, each.

    BAN15376BAN15377BAN153781383804 10152339865468849 714508565 n
  • Bandai Godzilla 2014 Atomic Roar and Destruction Pack, Muto Revealed!


    UPDATE - 2014.03.05

    Cosmic Book News posted a clear shot of the Destruction City Muto figure.  The multi-limbed creature is lacking in detail at such a small scale.  Bandai being cheap probably didn't help, either.



    Two lucky G-Fans scored this weekend on ToysRus' website and in store.  Keep an eye out for these in your local shops.  Shouldn't be long before they start shipping!

    1620501 10152320948473185 1160470510 nDestructionPack Front

    Have you started your Godzilla hunt? Share photos of your Toy encounters!

    More pics of the Destruction City pack and Atomic Roar Godzilla after the jump.

  • Another Godzilla 2014 maquette

    Godzilla-Encounter-Comic-Con-image-46 - tr

    Collider is still our best source of images, but after a slight closer look after I stopped hyperventilating, I spotted another maquette that so far, hasn't gotten much attention.

    I've clipped it and another angle of the previous two representations out ofan image from Collider.  So be sure to click over to them and show some support.

    I think this is more of a concept paint scheme, as the other two pieces seem to have gotten higher billing.  Still, you can really see the crocodilian influence with the colors on G.  Ahh... so happy!

    Thank you,!

    Godzilla-Encounter-Comic-Con-image-46 - lGodzilla-Encounter-Comic-Con-image-46
  • Amazon taking up the ToysRUs slack


    Godzilla 2014 merch is on Amazon and ready for Prime shipping!  Amazon has listed six items from Bandai, some of which have been hard to track down.

    These are the only figures they have at the MSRP.  No word on the Jakks figure.  It's got a high asking price on Amazon, and despite my bitching, I've not seen anymore at ToyRUs.

    Source: Amazon

  • A message from the director

    Legendary sent out a brief video message from God Gareth Edwards with the release of the official Godzilla teaser trailer.

  • A few more SHMA Biollante shots...

    shma-bio-1100 recently posted some new SHMA images, and we thought it best to share some!  Full gallery after the jump.

    Biollante will ship in December and includes an LED to light up her stomach.  Don't miss out on the biggest piece, yet, in the SHMA Godzilla line!


  • "Serizawa" is the word

    Dr. Serizawa, Legendary's Godzilla viral marketing site, has been teasing the big guy's apperance at SDCC 2013, later this week.  They have been highlighting letters in their fake postings, and it now looks like we have some idea of just what they've been hinting at.

    In all of the posts as of now, we have gotten the following letters: S, E, R and I, ZA and WA.  Piece it all together and we get Serizawa!  So does this mean they'll be somehow referencing or using Dr. Daisuke Serizawa who managed to kill Godzilla in the very first film?

    We'll hear more about Legendary's plans in Hall H at SDCC, this Saturday.  I'm loving this!