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  • Muto Silhouette Leak... maybe


    Take these with a grain of salt.  There was a recent leak of a Bandai Godzilla figure on the web, and these images came with it.

    They appear to be the companion pieces for said leak.  These are the possible silhouettes of the Mutos.  They show both forms of what we've seen briefly in both SDCC concept videos and perhaps in the trailers.

    We'll have more on the toy leaks, soon.

  • Legendary's Godzilla revealed by Brazilian fan?!

    IMG 3125

    Well here it is. A Brazilian fan snapped a photo during a licensing expo of a poster display in Brazil. While sources have not confirmed if this is legit, it does looks like the same Godzilla we saw at the San Diego Comic Con G-Encounter leaked footage.

    To me, it will take some getting use to especially seeing how he seems very '98 like with his lower jaw and the top of his head. I like the top fins resembling the Kiryu-Goji's and the eyes from the Heisei Godzilla. Are those gills on his neck?? Guess it's acceptable for now but I'll need the full reveal for a final judgement. What do you think of this design? Love it? Hate it? Think this is a fake? Share your comments below! 

    Source: Kaijucast Facebook page

  • Legendary Pictures Godzilla SDCC teaser leaked

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    Update: We have removed the SDCC teaser and subsequent trailer leaks as a courtesy to Legendary and the Godzilla crew.  We hope to host a trailer they feel represents their vision of the film and is ready to be shown to the wider public, soon.  We will continue to publish this synopsis of the trailer that was previously only shown at SDCC in 2012, and again in 2013.  Stay strong, guys.  We're all crossing our fingers for a trailer by December.

    A little more than a year ago Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers released the now infamous San Diego Comic Con Godzilla teaser trailer to audiences and other attendees at San Diego Comic Con 2012.  Unfortunately, with little more than a brief cell phone picture taken of Godzilla's silhouette the trailer was never made public outside of the convention until now.

    14 months after the trailer was first unveiled at San Diego Comic Con, it has finally appeared online.  Much has been said about this teaser trailer over the last year, and in my opinion, it definitely delivers.  The stark images of urban destruction along with a monologued audio excerpt from Robert Oppenheimer, himself, gives the trailer an intensely ominous and foreboding atmosphere.  I really like it.  What follows is a summary of my observations from the trailer and more!

  • Godzilla, as he appears from above - trailer at 1pm ET!


    Anyone who was able to see that ridiculous second trailer leak a few weeks back will remember just how infuriating the camerawork was during the HALO jump.  Actually, during all of it, but that's not the point!

    We were obviously supposed to see something pretty cool in that jumper's POV, and now we can!

    USAToday got a sneak peak, courtesy of Legendary, and even confirmed the release of the trailer online at 1pm, on Tuesday, December 10!  Still not sure what the hell the XML file is hinting at, then...


    We're also treated to a shot of a scared Ford Brody, looking up at what we assume is the king, himself.

    USA had this quote from the director, as well.

    To me, he's like a force of nature, like the wrath of God or vengeance for the way we've behaved.  If this really happened, it would be like Sept. 11.
    I want it to be epic. I want to get the hairs on the back of your neck up.

    -Gareth Edwards

    Source: USAToday

  • Godzilla design still under wraps. Reveal on Saturday?

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    So what's at the Godzilla Encounter is not quite the final design.  When Shock Till You Drop asked Edwards about the statue shown at the even, he responded with this:

    Yeah.  It's a resemblance, but that's not 100% correct.

    -Gareth Edwards

    Gareth was asked about whether we would see Godzilla's nuclear ray in this film as well, and I largely feel positive about his response.

    It was important to me to make it as believable as possible and with all of those elements you've mentioned, they're in the film but I tried to put them in the film where they're not so fantastical that you don't believe it.  Hopefully, the only big buy the audience has to make - and I believe there can only be one buy - is that giant creatures can exist.  Beyond that, we try to make it as realistic as possible.  Throughout the franchise, there's consistently been these elements related to Godzilla and they're in this film, but it was about making it feel natural in our film.  I can't go into much more details.  There is a nuclear element in the movie.

    -Gareth Edwards

    The whole interview is over at Shock Till You Drop.  It's a quick read and worth a few minutes of your time.

    The big reveal will be in Hall H, tomorrow.  Word is that will have a live stream.  Not 100% on that, though.  Hold on, guys!  We'll know more, tomorrow!

  • First Godzilla 2014 figure by Running Press

    Image removed per Running Press Book Publishers and WB request.   2014.01.01 @ 2:57pm EST.

    Another toy leak, but this time with an image!  Woohoo!  Enjoy it, folks.

    Godzilla: With Light and Sound

    • 9780762454068
    • Apr 2014
    • Running Press
    • Multiple-item boxed product
    • 16pp
    • 76x51mm
    • Forthcoming
    • GEN
    • AUD$16.99, NZD$19.99

    Timed to coincide with the release of Godzilla in May 2014, this kit features the legendary monster with a sixty-year history of popularity at his finest—with “fire-breathing” light and sound of his iconic roar!

    Source: New South Books via Screen Crush

  • Bandai USA 2014 Toys - photo dump

    A trip to the local Toys R Us turned up a few surprises.  We'll have a full write-up, soon, but for now, enjoy some close-up shots of Muto!

    Muto - 2

    Click through for more!