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  • World Exclusive Video Review of the Pacific Rim Uprising Wave 1 by Diamond Select Toys

    Check out our World Exclusive Video Review and first look of the Pacific Rim Uprising Wave 1Toys by Diamond Select Toys coming out in late June 2018.

  • Under Attack

    We continue today's Pacific Rim blitz with a new featurette.  In "Under Attack," we get plenty of information about the characters we'll be following throughout the film, along with director del Toro's goals with the movie.  He wanted this to not be about a single country saving the world, but the world saving itself.  After twenty years of battling kaiju, it's really the eleventh hour for mankind, and that's where we pick up our story.

    These featurettes are really fantastic!  July 12 can't come soon enough!

    Source: YouTube

  • Twitter Tease: your height in helicopters

    Coyote Tango, Japan's very own Jaeger, is 280 feet tall, or to put that in clearer terms: 28 helicopters!  So... yeah.

    21154 511201738946128 1570318487 n969353 511456978920604 2105185168 n

    It appear's that Cherno Alpha is exactly the same, but we also learned that 28 helicopters are equal to 13 jets!  But that's 13 jets long, not high.  The Jaegers are 28 helicoptor heights tall, not 'copter lengths.  That's 13 jet lengths high!

    Sorry... I just wanted to be mean about something.

    Sources: Facebook (2) and Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: We live in a time of monsters [still]

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    Sorry for posting this so late.  I took a bit of a break, but will be back on top of things in a day or so.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: The obtuse units of Crimson Typhoon

    9911 514467641952871 331789767 n

    More measurement fun has arrived!  Look's like Crimson Typhoon is a full thirty feet shorter than its big brothers.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter tease: Pacific Rim's banner from the gods


    Pacific Rim has a new banner... it's 14,543px wide by 1024px high - they tease triple-mon people like me by screwing us on height?!  Ahem!  It's over 15Mb large and can be viewed or downloaded on their site, or here.  It's... okay... if you like totally badass and awesome kaiju and robots and junk like that... I want it at 1600-high!  Please!  Please!  Please!

    We also have a few more images via Twitter.  Here are stills of the protagonists Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi).


    UPDATE 2013.05.08 - I guess we're in for a few of these.  Here's Idris Elba as PPDC Marshal Stacker Pentecost.

    BJw6uw3CcAEZ PR.jpg large

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go make myself a new three-screen background.


  • Twitter Tease: Otachi! Oh yeah!

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    I've been ignoring my posting duties, lately.  At least they posted something cool for me to start back with.  We finally get a good look at Otachi!  Pacific Rim opens on July 12, 2013.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: NECA's Knifehead "revealed"


    Twitter has given us our "first look" at NECA's Knifehead.  Aren't you glad to finally see this kaiju?

    Source: Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: Kaiju skull

    966806 509314265801542 649845123 o

    "What once evoked fear now inspires awe."

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: Jumping the Gigan

    469195 512243455508623 1524542382 o

    Another day, another Pacifc Rim post.  This time, we've been treated to a new banner showing Gipsy Danger with an admittedly cool chainsaw attachment.  The caption reads: "We needed a new weapon."  Looks good, guys.  Looks very good!

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: Jaeger trifecta

    964890 515290395203929 1526073169 o

    New banner out from the ever-present Pacific Rim.... sweet.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: Gipsy Danger is 260 feet tall

    923144 514791568587145 1814978145 n

    Not gonna take any shots... just gonna bask in Gipsy Danger's 260 feet of glory.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: first attack

    Ah, Pacific Rim!  You had better be damn good, because all this teasing is driving me nuts.  We got another teaser image from the film, this time it's news footage of the first attack in San Francisco.  The caption "This was only the beginning" is present on both the Facebook and Twitter pages for the movie.


  • Twitter Tease: Dr. Geiszler

    1014729 521143587951943 1550087351 o

    Charlie Kelly Day is Dr. Newt Geiszler!  Been a while since we got one of these, but I sure am glad to finally see Charlie get some recognition.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: Burn Gorman is Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

    1014536 521480997918202 1356616480 o

    Let me be totally honest: I only knew Burn Gorman as the creepy member of the Night's Watch named Karl on HBO's Game of Thrones.  I will avoid spoilers, but despited the resulting chaos and tragedy, he did what many of us wanted, and we should be greatful to him for that, at least.  Dr. Hermann Gottlieb... I'll wait for the movie to know how to pronounce it.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter

  • Twitter Tease: Aussies can relate & Variety cover

    390927 515193575213611 1699492793 n


    So, this is a bit of a mix.  Pacific Rim's Twitter decided to post an official shot of Variet's next cover (at an irritatingly low resolution), while their Facbook now hosts a scaled Striker Eureka.  By that logic, I'm still gonna keep TT in the title of this!

    Australia's 250 foot-high entry in the Jaeger fleet comes in at the same height as China's Crimson Typhoon, so both are a mere ten feet under America's Gipsy Danger.  I'm not so annoyed by their units this time, either.  It's a tad more relatable.

    Variety also has an exclusive gallery of 15 images consisting of behind-the-scenes shots, screengrabs, and concept and storyboard artwork.  Be sure to click over there and have a look, or check the re-hosted gallery after the jump.


  • Twitter Tease: A time of monsters

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    The Pacific Rim media onslaught continues with this new banner from their Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Hey!  That head looks familiar.

  • Twitter Tease: 2,500 tons of awesome

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    In addition to another Charlie Day picture, we also have a clip!  Dr. Geiszler is after a kaiju brain - the secondary brain!  G-fans will remember a similar idea from the train wreck that was Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla, but let me clarify this.  The two-brain idea is complete bull.  It's now assumed this mass in the hindquarters of Stegosaurus was a glycogen body, like what is found in many birds.

    But they're aliens, so whatever.  I think I can manage.

    Source: Facebook & Twitter, YouTube

  • Sideshow's Pacific Rim statue giveaway

    Comic Con 2013 Sideshow pacific rim 2

    Sideshow Collectibles showed off their Pacific Rim offerings at Comic Con this weekend, which is great, because they're still being stingy with images on their website!  But that's not all.  Sideshow is running a contest to win all four of their upcoming Pacific Rim statues!

    That's right!  You could win Gipsy Danger, Knifehead, Striker Eureka, "and a yet to be announced mystery statue!"  It's Slattern - that final "Category 5" kaiju. They have the damn picture beside the paragraph mentioning the "mystery prize."  The statues will go to one lucky winner... that's willing to pay shipping charges whenever the pieces arrive in the Sideshow warehouse at various times throughout 2014.  Really guys?  You make the winner pay for shipping?

    The entry period ends on July 31, so jump in while you can.  All you need to do is submit your name, country of residence, and email address, and you're in!

    I've also collected some images from the Sideshow booth in San Diego.  So hit the jump for the gallery and get a load of Sideshow's excellent work and even some interesting admirers.

    Source: Sideshow, 2, Art of Wei, Twitter, First Showing

  • Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters arrives June 18

    Insight Editions posted what I can only hope is the first of many images of their upcoming book, Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters.  And the terrible compression on this spread was their goof, not mine... so painful.

    981621 10151467369023876 1814550563 o

    In anticipation of our release of "Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters" on June 18th, we're pleased to reveal the first of many page spreads from the book.

    This spread features insights into the script and story of the epic adventure, including several shots of the Jaegers and their factory.

    -Insight Editions

    It's already up on Amazon for $31 at the moment. So, mark your calendars for June 18!  And what was on July 12?  I feel like I'm forgetting something...

  • Pacific Rim: Germany's Real-Life Jaeger Factory

    Pacific Rim Jaeger Mark I

    Guillermo del Toro’s eagerly anticipated film, Pacific Rim, is due to be released in movie theatres on July 12th, 2013.  A love letter to director del Toro’s childhood which featured healthy doses of Japanese tv shows and films featuring giant robots and monsters, Pacific Rim is a film that introduces American movie-goers to a world dominated by giants.  In Pacific Rim giant monsters called Kaiju have appeared without warning from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.  The Kaiju lay waste to the largest coastal cities amongst the Pacific Rim countries.  To combat this persistent and overwhelming threat, the wealthiest nations bordering the Pacific construct giant mechs called Jaegars to do battle with the Kaiju.  Will the Jaegers have what it takes to repel and defeat the Kaiju?  Will the world survive?  

    There’s no question that Pacific Rim will be a feast for the eyes due in large part to the blockbuster’s huge $200 million dollar budget and the special effects wizards that have worked on the film.  The amazing visual effects aside, like any other big budget disaster movie the film has taken care to accurately depict real world cities and other urban locations around the world, albeit with some post-apocalyptic mods. The numerous movie trailers and tv spots that have been released have offered brief glimpses of scenes with urban mass destruction in major cities like San Francisco, Sydney and Hong Kong.  Other locations in the film appear to be completely fictional like the enormous Jaeger factory, Jaeger hangars, and the giant Anti-Kaiju walls being constructed around the Pacific.  Of these three fictional locations amazingly the Jaeger factory depicted in the film actually exists.  How can this be true?  This is a exclusive article covering Germany’s Real Life Jaeger Factory.  Hit the jump to read on!

  • Pacific Rim: Behind the Scenes (spoiler alert)

    More and more clips of the movie are being released by Warner Bros, IGN and other websites. Here we get a twelve-minute behind-the-scenes look from but be warned: spoilers are ahead! Can you wait twelve more days, or will you give in like I did and click the play button?

    Go on. You know you want to...

  • Pacific Rim's torture chamber set / robot fanboy playground

    For as much CG awesomeness packed into Pacific Rim, there's plenty of good, old fashioned, analog sets in the film, too.  For the cockpit scenes, they built a forty-foot set that is basically the head of the Jaeger that reacts to the pilots as they move.  When they throw a punch, it throws a punch!  When the Jaeger is hit, the pilot's get their asses kicked!  No, really!  Watch!  This rig can drop up to 15 feet, very quickly.  Oh!  And the actors were blasted with water cannons... I want this ride!  I need it!

    Downloads after the jump.

  • Pacific Rim WonderCon Footage released

    In what can only be described as fanboy pity (or great marketing), director Guillermo del Toro has posted another Pacific Rim trailer - the one shown at WonderCon, last month!

    This was originally intended for only WonderCon, but after listening to so many of you asking for more of the movie online, I think it's time for me to show you more footage. Enjoy, my friends!

    - Guillermo del Toro

    We get a great look at some more kaiju, this time, along with a few more story elements.  The trailer is just over two and a half minutes long.  Turn it to HD, and enjoy!

    Big thanks to the director for throwing us all a bone.  Now, could you please give Gareth a call?  I think we'd all like that Comic-Con footage, now.

    Pacific Rim opens nationwide on July 12.  I'll be there at midnight.  How about you?  Download links after the break.

  • Pacific Rim TV Spot #4 (updated)

    "On July 12th... it's on"

    Just in, Pacific Rim TV Spot #4! As of 6/12, 2:13pm, it is only available via Legendary's Facebook page. Check it out at the link below. 

    Click here for the TV Spot #4

    Youtube video will be posted once it's up. Exactly 1 month away Kaiju & Mecha Fans!!!

    Updated to include YouTube embed.

  • Pacific Rim TV spot #3

    "Haven't you heard? The world is coming to an end."

    Source: Twitter

  • Pacific Rim TV Spot #2

    Pacific Rim's release is still over a month away, but we just got a look at our second TV spot.  Are they really going to keep taunting me like this for another six weeks?

    Anyway, more new scenes of kaiju/Jaeger awesomeness awaits.  Downloads after the break.

  • Pacific Rim statues coming... in 2014?

    400215 press03-001

    Yup!  Sideshow is showing off their 17" Knifehead statue that is set for release in April of 2014, or nine months away.  This bad boy will set you back $379.99 at MSRP, and that's not including shipping!

    We knew statues from Sideshow wouldn't be cheap, but I was at least expecting them to arrive a little closer to the movie's release.  Either way, we've got a re-hosted gallery after the jump.  Otherwise, check out Sideshow's page for pre-order and even financing information.

    Source: Sideshow Collectibles

  • Pacific Rim on Variety cover and Empire exclusive

    Pacific Rim Variety Cover

    It's a print media overload!  Scified has a shot of Variety's cover of their June issue, featuring a gorgeous Gipsy Danger!


    And Empire magazine has an exclusive on Guillermo del Toro's giant monster-mech epic, Pacific Rim.  Here's a taste from Scified:

    In creating Pacific Rim, I wanted the fights to have structure, like the wrestling matches of my childhood, so each fight brings a very different kind of aesthetic and a different dynamic. The first fight is very operatic, theatrical: Wagnerian. It happens in the middle of an iceberg-strewn sea, in the middle of a storm, with huge waves crashing on the Jaeger and Kaiju. We worked really hard at making water a character in this movie, frequently referring to Hokusai or the Fuji wave, and trying to make the water enhanced and add to the drama. This fight tries to quote the majesty of a painting by Goya called the Colossus.

    - Guillermo del Toro

    The Colossus by Francisco Goya... or not

    The painting he's referencing is The Colossus, painted by Francisco Goya (or one of his assistants) around 1808-1812.  It's quite impressive.  I hope to see something like this in the film... but maybe with less ass. has some scans from the latest issue of Empire.  You may have already seen a few, but you can check out those and more in the gallery after the jump.

  • Pacific Rim kaiju designs keep man-in-suit basis


    io9 has another exclusive featurette focussing on Pacific Rim's kaiju.  In it, director Guillermo del Toro explains some of the ideas driving the kaiju designs.  They based them off of animals we would easily recognize, today, while being wholly unique.  And rather than stray too far into abstract designs, del Toro wanted to honor the classic kaiju of old by having the designers think about how a man would into this creature as a suit.  They all tend to follow this theme without really limiting the creativity behind them.

    The team would do something of an American Idol every week for the kaiju, and I assume, the Jaegers as well.  Silhouettes they liked were developed into the kaiju we'll see on screen.

    The video is only about three and a half minutes long, so click over and give it a viewing.  Really cool stuff!

    Source: io9

  • Pacific Rim holds another convoluted honor

    964890 515290395203929 1526073169 o

    Cinema Blend has an article detailing the important status of Pacific Rim's over $400 million worldide box office earnings.  Of the top ten highest-grossing movies of 2013, while Pacific Rim sits at number ten, it was the higehsest grossing live-action, original film of the year.  Woo-hoo?

    So, of the other nine films, eight were sequels, re-hashes, or based on an existing IP.  The only other original film in the lot was The Croods, and that was animated.

    So, at least this is another honor that we can bestow on Pacific Rim, alongside its "not-a-flop" worldwide gross.  Make sure you get your copy of the film legally on October 15.  Physical and digital sales will play a big role in whether or not we have a chance at a sequel, here!

    Source: Cinema Blend

  • Pacific Rim has spoiled del Toro

    In an interview with the AP, Guillermo del Toro explains how Legendary gave him absolute freedom on Pacific Rim.

    As long as I stayed fiscally responsible and within the budget and within the schedule, the gave me carte blanche to creatively go anywhere I felt the movie needed to go.

    He explains that robots have always been one of his fantasies.  As a child, he was enthralled by the manga Tetsujin 28-go.  So much so, he used to have feverish dreams of the robot speeding towards him.

    Download: Guillermo del Toro AP interview - Pacific Rim (360p).mp4 (10.8Mb)

    Source: The AP

  • Pacific Rim figures in package - kaiju too!

    984077 457233074368130 1522348873 n

    Kaiju Planet posted an image of NECA's upcoming Pacific Rim figures in package.  We finally get a look at one of the kaiju, too!  Knifehead is shown here in all his glory.  No word on an exact release date, but Big Bad Toy Store has preorders labelled as arriving this month.  I would've expected to see them closer to the release of the film, but I'm down with whatever!

    Pacific Rim opens July 12.

  • Pacific Rim fighter coming via digital download



    Game developer Yuke's announced that they've aquired the rights to develop and distribute a game based on Guillermo del Toro's upcoming giant robot epic, Pacific Rim.  Some screenshots turned up on NeoGAF, yesterday, showing battles between various monsters and mechs along with the interface and some kaiju names.

    Looks like the flying kaiju we saw in the latest trailer goes by Otachi, the green-glowy guy shown at the end is Leatherback, and did we already know about Scunner and Knifehead?

    Yuke's has a mixed record when it comes to games.  As long as it's not a repeat of Real Steel, I think we'll be in for an okay fighter.  The game got an M rating from the Australian Classification Board, which basically abounts to a low T rating?  Maybe an E10+, since the Aussie board is bit... stupid.  Yeah, gonna stick with stupid.

    No clues on when it will be out, what it will cost, the official platforms (though XBox Live Arcade looks to be a given), or much of anything, really.  So just sit back and enjoy some screenshots.  Please keep in mind that these are still early images, and may not represent the final look of the game.


    Download: Yuke's announcement (pdf)

  • Pacific Rim Featurette #2

    Pacific Rim just got another featurette!  This time, we get to see more of the crew's drive to develop the different Jaegers and bring them to an American audience.  Guillermo del Toro put together a creative team that both knew and loved anime to design the Jaegers.  He wanted these "walking buildings" to be wholly unique to the worl envisioned in Pacific Rim.  The different Jaegers all have their own personalities.

    There's some great footage we've never seen, plenty of concept art, and even a few maquettes!  By the way, it looks like China's Crimson Typhoon is actually piloted by three people!  So that will be pretty interesting.

    Download links after the break.

  • Pacific Rim Comic Previews

    How did I miss this?  On May 11, Pacific Rim's Facebook posted another preview pic of the upcoming Pacific Rim prequel comic book.  This time, it was a cover!  And just yesterday, they added to the gallery with another page detailing the humble origins of the Jaeger program.

    922311 507834599282842 319964966 o467803 512015288864773 534824004 o

    Source, 2

  • Pacific Rim cast talks "Drift Space"


    Drifting!  That's what the mind-meld in Pacific Rim shall be called!

    The neural strain brought on by the link between machine and a single man was too much to handle, so a two-pilot system was adopted.  When these pilots enter drift space, they instantly learn everything about each other.  Their thoughts, experiences, hopes, dreams, secrets, and shame are spread out for their copilot to see.

    I guess we knda gathered that much from the very first trailer, but the director and cast clarify it in this little featurette, after the break.

  • Pacific Rim - "Second Chances"

    I've been slacking off with the updates, again, but at least Legendary is helping us celebrate the 4th with a new trailer for Pacific Rim entitled "Second Chances."  In it, we get a closer look at the story of the pilots with a much more human tone than we've seen in past trailers.

    We're just eight days away from July 12, folks!  Pacific Rim and G-Fest XX all in one weekend, followed by Comic-Con.  It's going to be a wild ride this month!


    And from all of us here at, have a happy and safe Independence Day!

    Source: YouTube

  • Pacific Realm

    SteelhouseDigital just released another Minecraft-themed trailer.  This time, it's for Pacific Rim!  I'll bet del Toro feels pretty foolish for spending so much money on all that high-end CG, now!

    Source: YouTube

  • Own Pacific Rim... today?


    That's right!  Pacific Rim is available for digital download, today!  Get it from... everywhere.

    The physical version still won't land until October 15, though.

  • Official 18" Gipsy Danger preview from NECA

    PR 18inGipsyDangerSalesSheet

    Remember that 18" Gipsy Danger prototype we showed you a few weeks back?  Well, here he is, all painted up!  NECA posted this preview image and a very short summary on their site, yesterday.

    We still get the great articulation and electronics (light-up head and chest) , but he also comes with that chain sword shown off a while back.  You can attach the eight inch piece it to either arm!

    No word on a release date, price, or if he'll get any 18" kaiju to fight, but I'm still keen on him!

    UPDATE: 2013.06.02

    You can now pre-order this fella over at BBTS for just $84.99!

    Source: NECA

  • New Pacific Rim Posters / Trading Cards!

    As we get closer to the movie's release date, more images have been released online. Enjoy these awesome looking mechas! Can't wait to see the kaiju reveals! 

    540012 491838864215749 1459149552 n

  • New Pacific Rim online game: Jaegar Combat Simulator

    1011827 524797164253252 2077523242 n

    A new game has been released online as a preview to the Pacific Rim video game and mobile game. This simulation game starts off with a default Jaeger very similar to GypsyDanger or you can to load in a Jaeger that you created with Jaeger designer app . Once loaded, click on "play game" and continue to your missions. You can select different weapons, and I believe different partners to link up with.

    Very simple controls - move up, back, left, right. Mouse controls your viewing, left click your normal attack, hold left click for a charge up punch. Press W twice to jump and click to do a jump punch. Buttons, 1, 2, and 3 allow you to use different weapons that you selected at the beginning. The game seems pretty fun and decent graphics for a free online game.

    Only problem I had was it was lagging like crazy so moving the mouse to view was next to impossible. It could be that my laptop's videocard couldn't handle the graphics. Perhaps you can help verify in the comments?

    Source: Jaeger Combat Simulator

  • New Pacific Rim banner

    I'll just leave this, here...

    920469 503789509687351 1431555205 o

    "They counted on the humans to hide, to fail. They never considered we would rise to the challenge."

    Source: Pacific Rim - Facebook

  • New images of NECA's Gipsy Danger


    So, it looks like these made it online through the forums of Chinese toy site, Toysdaily.  I guess he found them at the store, out ahead of time?  Why did I break up with that girl who spoke Chinese?

    An ever so generous user who goes by "Called_Wind" posted ten glorious images Gipsy Danger from NECA's upcoming Pacific Rim line of toys.  Looks like we have a good bit of articulation.  Sachiel!  You sure you're not gonna go for these?  I may have to try my hand!

    Full gallery after the jump.


  • NECA's second wave of Pacific Rim figures coming by October


    NECA's second wave of Pacific Rim figures will start hitting shelves, soon.  This wave includes the battle-damaged Gipsy Danger with blade attachments, this time; Striker Eureka; and Leatherback.

    The Kaiju Planet recently posted some decent shots of the retail packaging for the new figures, so be sure to click over and show your appreciation.

    What are the odds that this version of Gipsy will be able to stand on his own?  I hold no hopes for Striker, and to be honest, all bets are off with Leatherback... Okay! Maybe I'm bitter after the last round.  Can you blame me?

    More pics after the jump.


  • NECA's Pacific Rim giveaway


    NECA is giving away Pacific Rim stuff in a trivia contest.  How do you enter?  Give a third party access to your Facebook crap.  You could win "Pacific Rim 7″ Action Figures, HeroClix Pacific Rim Mini-Games, and HeroClix Pacific Rim Gravity Feeds."

    They'll be doing this over the next few weeks, up until the release of the movie.  Here are the draw dates from their site.

    • Week One: Enter to win from 6/17 to 6/24 — winner will be drawn on 6/24
    • Week Two: Enter to win from 6/25 to 7/1 — winner will be drawn on 7/1
    • Week Three: Enter to win from 7/2 to 7/8 — winner will be drawn on 7/8
    • Week Four: Enter to win from 7/9 to 7/15 — winner will be drawn on 7/15

    Source: NECA

  • NECA's first wave of Pacific Rim toys hit eBay


    The first three pieces in NECA's lineup have hit eBay via Hong Kong based seller, eptoy.  Of course, they come with a hefty shipping price.  So if you just can't wait, here's your earliest option.  Otherwise, wait for stock to arrive over at BBTS, like the rest of us.

    Rear shots of the packaging can be found after the jump.

  • NECA's first wave of Pacific Rim figs get video reviews

    Well, YouTuber cejaman got his hands on the first wave of figures from Pacific Rim.  He's uploaded video reviews of all three, already.  Kind of wish he was a little more informed on the movie, but oh well.

    First up, is Knifehead!  Crimson Typhoon and Gipsy Danjer can be seen after the jump.

    Source: Youtube

  • NECA's Fall Pacific Rim offerings


    Pacific Rim may be almost a year behind us, but we still salivate over new releases from NECA.  Despite the fact that the figures often break, fail to stand, or have terrible articulation, even I still pick up the latest pieces.

    First up, on the heals of the deluxe (new scale because screw consistency) Knifehead and Trespasser we just got, NECA brings us Scunner - the next kaiju to fall off your shelf in the middle of the night!

    Following the success of the recently released deluxe Trespasser and Knifehead v.2 comes the next HUGE and highly requested Kaiju, Scunner!


    From the epic Pacific Rim movie, Scunner is the largest of the Category IV Kaiju. Its appearance and behavior are akin to that of a bull. Broad and stocky, the two curved horns jutting out of its head act as battering rams against armored opponents like the Jaegers.


    Scunner has four arms that are all poseable, along with a bendable tail and tons of detail and additional articulation.

    Is Otachi not highly requested?  We have two versions, built in!  Wings and no-wings!  Do I sound bitter at this point?  Pretty sure I am...

    Scunner arrives in August.


    Next is an 18" Cherno Alpha.  Cherno is expected in September.

    The second Jaeger to receive the 18? deluxe treatment, the massive mech Cherno Alpha features even more detail than its 7? counterpart. Created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of Pacific Rim, and then further detailed by our top sculptors and fabricators, Cherno looks just like it did on screen.


    Loaded with detail, realistic weathering, over 20 points of articulation and LED lights in the head to re-create the effects seen in the movie. It even features sliding fists! This figure is massive and can now join the fight to save humanity alongside 18? Gipsy Danger.

    Both Scunner and the 18" Cherno can be preordered from BBTS, now.  Cherno for $99.99 and Scunner for $24.99.

    The latest series three NECA figures are also still available at BBTS and on NECA's eBay store.

    Source: NECA, 2

  • NECA's 8" Knifehead


    NECA has posted a few more images of their just released Knifehead figure.

    That's right!  These fellas are now available.  At least the first wave of figures are now shipping.  Head over to NECA's site for more pics, or click through for a re-hosted gallery.

  • NECA PR figures available at


    Finally!  The first wave of NECA figures is available at a decent price!  Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, and Knifehead have all arrived at at $14.99, each.  Even after taxes and shipping, it was less than $60 to get my set, so it sure as hell beats those eBay prices.

    And if you're still in need of some Bandai Creation or even SHMA figures, you may be able to take advantage of their free shipping deal on orders over $79.

  • NECA Pacific Rim figures displayed at Comic Con


    It's been a little while since we saw anything about NECA's 18" Gipsy Danger, but they had the final figure on display at Comic-Con this weekend.  Also shown were two of the upcoming figures in NECA's 7" line of figures.  Leatherback and Striker Eureka were shown, but the other Wave 2 figure, a battle-damaged Gipsy Danger, is still MIA.  You can preorder the set for September from BBTS, here. has some very nice images of NECA's Pacific Rim offerings which I've re-hosted, here.  Be sure to click over to their site to show them your grattitude.  Same goes for Kaiju Planet, which also had one of these other images.

  • More Pacific Rim TV Spots

    So with a day off from Pacific Rim, there have been a few TV spots I've seen that hadn't made it to the web, until now! Here are two more! There have been so many that I'm starting to lose track, but that's a good thing, right? More exposure to Kaiju and Mechas for the general audience will hopefully make this film do well and spawn sequels or similar movies in the future! 

    I guess we can call this TV Spot #5.


    And this one is #6, which sort of reminds me of Final Wars, just with more mechas. 

  • More Pacific Rim Kaiju Images

    9884 454750114618310 1137380564 n

    As we get closer to the release date of Pacific Rim, more neat stuff are starting to surface. Some close up shots of the Kaiju can be seen after the break.

  • Maxim interviews del Toro

    np guillermo del toro mi 060313 article

    Cameron Berkman, of Maxim,  got to sit down with our man-of-the-summer and director of Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro.  They discussed directing, Hellboy, and something else... Pacific Rim!  That was it!

    Here's a tidbit to wet your appetite.  Berkman asked what drew del Toro to monsters in general.

    I think that they are absolutely amazing creatures, not only from a visual standpoint and the dark side of everything that makes us human, but they are also great mythologically and symbolically. Like in Pacific Rim the creatures are so huge; they are almost like forces of nature. They are unstoppable forces. Seeing a Jaeger clash against a monster - it’s like seeing a tornado fight a hurricane.

    -Guillermo del Toro

    So click on over to Maxim and give it a read.  Be warned, though.  Not only is this potentially NSFW, but they have a REALLY irritating "latest video" that starts playing when you load the page.  So adjust your volume.

    Source: Maxim

  • Main trailer for Pacific Rim

    Here it is!  A new trailer for Pacific Rim was released today via Facebook and Twitter.  Turn on HD and have a look.

    Downloads after the break.

  • Main poster for Pacific Rim Revealed!

    Pacific Rim Main poster

    Gipsy Danger takes center stage for the main poster with the other Jaegars in the background. Have you begun the countdown for this awesome-looking movie?  I certainly can't wait!  Stay tuned for more info, images, and video reveals as we get closer to the release date!  GForever out! 

  • Legendary buys marketing firm, FIVE33

    FIVE33 is not a name we throw around a lot, but we have seen their work in the past... a lot!  They helped to make the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels into practically worldwide events and have also been working on promos for Oblivion and JJ Abrams's latest film, Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    Two things come to mind, here.  First, does this indicate which way Legendary is leaning in its recent attempts to repair ties with Warner Brothers?  Second is this little tidbit:

    FIVE33 already is developing promos for “Pacific Rim” and “Godzilla,” which will be shown off at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

    With Comic-Con set for July 18-21, it's really got me hoping for a Godzilla teaser trailer attached to Pacifc Rim.  At the very least, maybe we'll have something actually released online, this time?!

    Source: Variety

  • Kaiju horn cured my RLS

    People will eat or do almost anything to cure whatever ails them.  So what happens when a giant monster is killed?  People eat it!  Hannibal Chau, of, aims to provide you with all the BS cures your stupid little brain can handle before we all die a horrible death.

    Humor aside, Google around for folk remedies from around the world and remember that there are adults that believe in such things.  You'll both feel very intelligent and lose faith in mankind at the same time.

    Source: YouTube

  • Hideo Kojima loves Pacific Rim

    Who would've guessed that the creator of Metal Gear, known for his over-the-top stories and characters, loves Guillermo del Toro's giant-robot-adventure?  He was allowed to tweet about an early screening.  Here are the tweets, joined together for simplicity.

    Dear twitter friends, The followings are my comment regarding "Pacific Rim". Luckily I was allowed to tweet in public by WB.  I have never imagined that I would be fortunate enough to see a film like this in my life.  The emotional rush I had inside me was the same kind I had when I felt the outer space via "2001: A Space Odyssey" and when I had touched the dinosaur in "Jurassic Park". Animation and special effects movies and shows that I loved in my childhood days - they all truly exist in the screen. Director Guillermo del Toro offers this spectacular vision of massive kaijus and robots in Pacific Rim.

    This film is not simply a film to be respected, but most importantly, it let us dream the future of entertainment movies.  Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us had always been waiting for. Who are you, if you are Japanese and won't watch this?  I hope you would accept this inspirational love letter that had traveled across the Pacific, written by Director Guillermo del Toro.

    -Hideo Kojima

    We also have word that Jesus Yeezus Kanye West was also able to screen the film.

    I saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim yesterday and it's easily one of my favorite movies of all time.  This is not another "Robot" movie. Guillermo del Toro is a master.

    -Jesus Kanye West

    Apparently, they liked it, and their love is newsworthy...

    Source: JPS

  • First Pacific Rim TV Spot

    Our first Pacific Rim TV spot was released just a couple hours ago.  We get a few new glimpses of the film, too.

    Pacific Rim opens nationwide on July 12.


  • First Pacific Rim trailer

    We just got our first look at Pacific Rim, today!  If the kaiju weren't enough of a draw for you, maybe the starpower will.  No, not Charlie Day.  I'm talking about GLaDOS!  Watch the embed or click over to Youtube and check it out.

  • Elbow Rocket

    1064876 485592461523833 507858330 o

    I love these hi-res shots.  This battle looks fantastic!  Take a look at this clip showcasing Gipsy Danger's elbow rocket.

    Source: Facebook & YouTube

  • Custom Pacific Rim wallpaper


    Yes!  Yes! Yes!  The people in charge of Pacific Rim's marketing campaign have heard my plea, and given us a wallpaper generator!  You can choose a custom resolution and crop their glorious banner to fit whatever multi-screen craziness or single-window simplicity you like.

    So head on over to Pacific Rim's site and fill your screen with kaiju-Jaeger goodness!

    Source: Twitter

  • Create your own Jaeger!

    my jaegar3

    Guillermo wasn't kidding 2 days ago when he said that the Pacific Rim campaign has just begun.  A really cool app that they put out is this Jaeger Designer.  It allows you to select different Jaeger parts, different textures, decals, colors, so you can put it all together.  Once you finish your design, it allows you to finally create your own poster.  Really fun stuff.  Here are some of my designs.  Have fun!  And who knows, maybe your Jaeger will be part of something bigger!  Join the fight!

    And quick heads up: you need Unity to run the designer, so install it if you haven't, already.

  • Crave Online's interview with Travis Beacham

    944116 474646795951733 401017397 n

    Crave Online sat down with Travis Beacham to talk about his experience co-writing Pacific Rim with Guillermo del Toro and the release of his prewuel companion comic, Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero.  They discussed how the 1998 Godzilla disappointed Beacham so much, that he eventually realized he would need to be the one to bring giant monsters some respect in Hollywood, himself.  How "drift space" works, when the movie takes place, and what the comic hopes to achieve are all within these two pages on Crave.

    Asked about a crossover with Legendary's new Godzilla or Peter Jackson's King Kong, Beacham had this to say:

    That would be a fantastic crossover. I would love to be involved in that. A lot of that would have to do with the story and how that shapes up. I would definitely hope that Pacific Rim proves its mettle to that extent. I think before any of that, I would love to see Pacific Rim get up on its own two feet and nest itself in its own world, but somewhere down the line, I can't rule anything out. I would think that was just cool and be as excited for that as anyone

    Alright, fans!  I know we'd all love to see the big G kick some giant ro-butt, but am I the only one that wants these franchises to remain exclusive?  I find these ideas just as irritating as those Batman vs Superman rumors from a few years back.  We avoided those and got a great trilogy of Batman films, instead.  And the Superman was so bad, it got Christopher Nolan thinking about how to make a good one... which is coming out, next week!  But let's cool it on the crossover stuff, huh?  Maybe we'll get Godzilla or a Jaeger as DLC in some sort of kaiju fighter down the line.  Maybe we'll get a not-so-crappy Godzilla fighter around this time, next year, and see a Jaeger in there, too.

    Enough ranting!  Click on over to Crave for the full read and get that much more hyped for Pacific Rim on July 12.

     Source: Crave Online

  • Another Pacific Rim prequel comic page

    946809 472818616134551 176368671 n

    I guess I'm just not too excited about this one.  Cool, nonetheless.

    Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero will go on sale this week on June 5.  More info on the comic, written by Travis Beacham, can be found over at Legendary's site.

  • 18" electronic Pacific Rim figures from NECA


    NECA teased us with a shot of their glorious new Gipsy Danger 18" prototype.

    I can’t show you any Kaiju yet but would you like a peek at the unpainted 18″ Gipsy Danger model? LED lights & more!!

    Pacific Rim opens Friday, July 17.  As for when we'll get out hands on this bad boy, your guess is as good as mine.