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  • X-Plus Kumonga coming to scare your sister

    pic 73pic 83

    We all knew it was coming.  I'm really surprised it took this long!  X-Plus posted a bunch of teaser images for their upcoming Summer releases.  No word on the scale, but it looks like the exclusive version of Kumonga will come with a base.

    Also shown were more shots of King Caesar with web-only alternate ears and the statue.  No word on whether or not that's an exclusive piece.  Another Baragon... really?  Alternate ears again.  Looks like this is only an online piece, being a reissue of their older 30cm Baragon, but with different ears?  We're also getting another Kiryu.  I think this is a 20cm version.  Hopefully it will come with the pack.

    Oh!  And Viras and Guilon are on the way!  That's a lot of stuff.  Looking forward to more images.  You can check out their post for more pictures or hit the gallery after the jump.

  • X-Plus Kumonga and King Caesar revealed!

    FIGURE-000385 07

    Here they are!  The long-awaited Kumonga and King Caesar from X-Plus were finally revealed by... retailers?!

    Yes.  X-Plus skipped Tritter, Facebook, their blog, and even their own store by letting retailers like HobbySearch and AmiAmi show off the final versions of their July releases.

    Kumonga's base isn't a web exclusive, as I'd previously mentioned, but supports the body in all versions.  Looking at its shape, I think you're stuck with it under Kumonga's cephalothorax, but it's not attached.  This figure is massive, with a 50cm leg-span!  So you'll want to use that base all the time.

    FIGURE-000386 08

    King Caesar... looks... great?  I really am excited about this figure, but this is really my fouth picture choice.  He just looks funny from so many angles.  And the seams on his head did not turn out well.  Also, remember that the exclusive version comes with alternate ears and the Shisa statue.

    You can currently pre-order these from AmiAmi and HobbySearch.  At the moment, HS is cheaper by an ever so small margin, so take your pic.  Maybe it's time to use up some of your points!

    Gallery after the jump.  Images are from AmiAmi.

  • X-Plus King Caesar up for pre-order

    pic 15

    X-Plus is teasing us with their upcoming King Caesar on their blog.  Plenty of images showing the web-only versions, for which they're now taking pre-orders.  The exclusive version comes with alternate, pointy ears and the Caesar statue.

    Re-hosted gallery after the jump.

  • Bandai USA King Caesar Review


    It has been many years since Bandai stopped producing Godzilla vinyl figures in Japan. In the US, however, Godzilla vinyls continue to thrive through various toy lines released by Bandai USA (formerly Bandai Creation), including 6.5-inch scale figures with clear glitter variants (Fusion series); play sets; deluxe, twelve-inch figures; and more artistic series like the new Tokyo Vinyl and Chibi lines.

    The Godzilla series, which is still not listed on Bandai's website, is only carried at certain stores such as ToysRus and KMart. Various comic shops and many online retailers sometimes carry this line as well, but often at rates higher than the MSRP. Earlier releases in the line were frowned upon by collectors who preferred the more detailed figures from Bandai Japan. However,for the price and the fact that Godzilla figures are being released domestically, Bandai USA's line of toys is actually quite a treat. Typically, Bandai would play it safe by releasing popular charcters, but this year, Wave 7 has a special treat: a brand new King Caesar sculpt, marking the line's eleventh anniversary, since 2002. 

  • Bandai Creation King Caesar is shipping out


    Bandai Creation's King Caesar is out, now!  Where?  I don't know!

    King Caesar has been hitting store shelves somewhere, because he's popping up on eBay, now at ridiculous prices.  He's shown up on KMart's site, but you can't order him, just yet.

    Up to you, but this will show up at Toys R Us and Kmart, eventually.  No rush.  They made more than one!